Thursday, February 1, 2007

Winter Wonderland - NOT!

Awww man! I was really hoping for some snow last night even though any chimp could tell by the weather radar that we were going to be bypassed. There is snow all around us but we only got a dusting. Boo hiss. A1 was praying so hard last night for some snow so he wouldn't have to go to school today. I didn't have the heart to tell him this morning that every other county in the frikkin western half of the state didn't have to go to school today but he had to go stand out in the fah-ree-zeeing ass cold to catch the bus this morning. They didn't even give him an hour late which was surprising. Guess this big ol' metropolis we live in is better equipped to handle the snow. *snickering to self** Sucks for me too because now A2 and I have to get out this afternoon to go pick him up. Yuck! At least the car is in the garage and we don't actually have to exit the vehicle. Woo hoo for that! Let's just hope we get something from the next "big wave" that's gonna roll through this afternoon. **stamping foot with face plastered against window**

Funny story, at least to me: A2 has gotten to where he will come up to me and grab me by the hand and lead to me where ever he wants me to go or to whatever he wants me to give him. He's usually hanging around my feet while I'm in the fridge getting his milk out. Well the other day he was in there and discovered that we had some strawberry syrup on the bottom shelf of the door. I'd given it to him before but I guess he didn't really love it so much then because he didn't make that big of a deal out of it. On this particular day he grabbed it out and started licking the top - gross I know but we did buy it just for him. I thought I'd give it a shot and put some in his milk to see if he would like it better now that he's a little bit bigger. He was watching me very intently and when I handed him his cup he looked at it and was a little hesitant. Well all it took was one swig and he was hooked. I swear that baby ONLY wants strawberry milk now. He seriously drags me to the fridge and before I can get the milk off the top shelf he's got the syrup whipped out and hefting it up to me. I'm guessing this baby's strawberry milk addiction is the equivalent to a junkie on crack. And for all you naysayers, no, I don't add much, just enough to turn the milk pink. I'm not wanting to have my baby's teeth pulled before their time. I was telling hubby the story and he kinda thought it was cute till he actually had to go in there last night and make it. Of course he put too much syrup in there and didn't leave enough shake room. He made a mess but at least he cleaned it up. He did say he wasn't feeling well all day, now I believe him! He never cleans up his messes.

Let's see what else - oh, I'm so bored with American Idol. I've waited so long for my AI fix and it's starting to hack me off. I'll be so glad when all this audition crap is over. The Los Angeles auditions were one of the worst shows Idol has produced to date, certainly the worst this year, thanks in no small part to the fact that every single joke and contestant was a recycled storyline from a previous show. There was absolutely no originality present in the entire hour. I’d rather bash my head in with a shovel than watch crap like this episode where we were treated to at least two gratuitous shots of Ryan Seacrest’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star that he got for what reason??!! I'm so looking forward to the actual competition. I would much rather see stories about the contestants we don't see make it through to Hollywood since these are the people we will eventually be voting for not losers like that Kevin Federline wannabe who thought he was some sort of panther. I'm sure his parents are so proud. I was sure to tell A1 that if he ever acted like that I'd have him committed. He knows I'm serious too. I was reading somewhere yesterday that they were considering Courtney Love for a panelist. That should be interesting. She's even loopier than Paula Abdul on a sober day. Plus this bitch would eat Simon alive if he even looked at her cross. Randy would definitely be the one in the middle of that trio. If you don't know who Courtney Love is Google her. There's some interesting reading on her out there. I'm not putting a whole lot of stock in it though; Paula's goofiness is part of why a lot of America tunes in to see the show. And I'm guessing Courtney would be too much of a liability risk.

And lastly, I don't know how I'm going to clean my living room today since there is a three man tent set up just off to the left of the couch here. Yes, you read that right, there is a tent in my living room fully loaded with a massaging floor chair, a boppy, a pooh pillow, three blankets and a stuffed kitty cat all inside, oh the television remote is in there too and probably my cell phone since I haven't been able to find it all morning. Seriously, somebody call me so I can find it! A2 loves loves loves, just like any other little kid, to have a fort made for him and it's a pain in the ass to find something that will hold a couple of heavy blankets and withstand his wallowing around inside. I told hubby that we should look for a pup tent for him back during Christmas but I guess it's just the wrong season because we couldn't find one. We have several tents; most of them being rather large but A1 got this three man tent for his birthday several years back and said it was Ok for A2 to borrow it. GREAT! You realize it will be war when I do finally get sick of looking at it in my living room and have to take it down.

I'm off to watch the Tyra show. I've never watched it before. I've only seen clips on the Soup where they make fun of her but I Tivo'd it today because she was supposedly going to retort all the negative publicity she's been getting lately regarding her recent weight gain. I'm more than a little curious. Plus my tummy isn't feeling so hot right now. I hope I don't come down with that massive bug that's been going around closing all the schools. That would suck with a capital

Happy Anniversary to the parental units! Love you guys to the moon and back.