Monday, January 29, 2007

Toddlers Do Chores Too

I'm cleaning up the bathroom in a fury today because I really don't want A2 to come in with me since I have a lot to get accomplished and don't want to spend the whole day cleaning. He loves to swirl the scrub brush around in the toilet and it takes me forever to pry him away. I'm also in the middle of finishing up the laundry I started on Thursday and didn't get to complete because we went to see family for the weekend. I know that A2 likes to follow me around and help in his own little way and it's very cute but can sometimes be very time consuming. He loves for me to let him Swiffer the floors and another of his favorite things in the world right now is to put things in the garbage. It's amazing the things he loves to mimic. I think it's so cute how he tries to be just like us. Anyway, I'd rather be playing with him than these mundane chores!

Well undoubtably A2 has been watching his brother while he does chores too and wanted to be a big boy and do what bubba does. Now A2 is really good about telling on himself. Usually whenever he does somehing he's either proud of or that he shouldn't he will come up to me, jabber something and point in the direction of the deed. As I was humped over the toilet in the boy's bathroom he came in and beckoned me in his little way to come see. I just assumed he wanted me to come fix his train that had fallen off the track or something simple like that. Not quite! A2 had decided to take it upon himself to feed the cat. Now you might think that's the cutest thing ever and deep down I know it really is but to my horror A2 had dumped an entire bag of mini marshmallows in the cat's food bowl, in her water bowl, and all over the floor in the laundry room. How did he get them you wonder? We keep his snacks on the bottom shelf in the pantry and he can easily get them and bring them to us if he wants something. We are more than happy to oblige him since he's not that big of an eater these days and it's starting to really frustrate me. So I'm guessing he thought Cat1 (yes, even the cat deserves her privacy) might want a little bit of his favorite snack. ARRRGH!

Note to self: Make sure pantry door is shut from now on or at least make sure the stuff with clips on then that A2 can take off are on the next shelf up.

This has to stay between you and me because if hubby found out he would flip his lid. I think he wanted to make Rice Crispy Treats with those marshmallows! I've learned something from today and it's that I think I know where a toddler gets all their energy. They suck it out of adults.


Mrs False Positive said...


Smooches to A2, what a sweet baby boy. He just wanted to feed his kitty Mama lol.

Meant to tell you on the last entry. I wish I was as fat as you! My God girl you're beautiful. If you tell anybody in the fam I said that I'll deny it snort.

Love Y'all