Sunday, January 14, 2007

Productivity is on the rise

Don't know what happened but I decided to get up Thursday and clean, clean, clean. I've scrubbed about every inch of this house and that's saying a lot! I organized some of the cabinets under the sinks, I've put clothes away that have just been sitting in piles for a while now. I even took the time to sort out all the sippy cups in the cabinet and put the correct lids on each one and clean out all the stoppers for them. That was a friggin chore and a half. Now, three days worth of cleaning later, I can sit here on my ass with a clear conscience and do what I like to do best..waste time on the internet.

There really isn't all that much that I do on here. I like to read the daily goings on at my favorite Days of our Lives site. There is this guy that runs it and he is more of a Days freak than I or any of my other Days watching buddies every thought we were. After that I like to read a couple blogs and then on to craigslist. Have you ever gone to that site? There are some real crazy people on that site. Guess that's why I like it so much. I just like to read the best of craigslist section. The rest is useless to me. I like to see what's on ebay that I might need and now that American Idol is coming back on I'll be visiting all my worsters over at Vote for the Worst. Then, if I'm up for a good argument, I'll go over to Old Navy, Gymboree or Gap and do a little shopping for the kiddies. Exciting I know. In fact, I'm so exciting I can hardly stand myself.

That's about the extent of my interneting. I'm thinking about starting a website and trying to run a business but that takes a lot of effort and I'm not so sure I want to do that. I do have my priorities you know. Somebody has to do all this laundry, all the cooking, cleaning, general upkeep and perusing of the internet. Speaking of upkeep, while doing all my cleaning I've come to the conclusion that my absolute least favorite thing to do is vacuum the frikkin' (I like that word it rolls of the tongue well) floors. How did I come to that decision you ask?

Well first of all it takes forever to make it from one end of the house to the other and by the time I'm finished my arm feels like it's going to fall off and it's one of those stupid self propelled vacuums. I think the self propelling part is broke though. Second of all, I don't know what it is about the vacuum that makes my children lose their damn minds. As soon as I turn it on they immediately start running around and screaming at the top of their lungs. What, they think I can't hear all that or that I don't see them acting like crazed idiots??!! Plus, while I'm in the middle of trying to vacuum, that's usually when A1 needs to ask me about a hundred questions. I tell him to hold on a second but he starts making this face like it's a life or death matter. I shut the vacuum off and he asks me some dumbshit question like, "what are we having for dinner?". Arrrgh!! Another thing that happens while I'm trying to vacuum is that A2 is so fascinated by it that he wants to "help" and by that I mean stand in front of where I'm trying to push the heavy ass thing so that it takes me twice as long to get around him and get done.

I've decided that I want our next big practical purchase to be one of those Dyson vacuums. I'm guessing they don't come apart as easy as the one I have does. If I walk away from the one I have for more than a second, A2 has got the front panel ripped off and is trotting over to give it to me. Plus I've heard you can just empty them out when you are finished and don't have to fool with those stupid bags that get so heavy and dirty and stink like ass whenever you turn the thing on. I thought I would have enjoyed one of those robosweepers but someone gave me one a few months ago and it cleaned my floors about as well as wiping your ass with just one square of toilet paper. Seriously, don't waste your time with those things!

Well, enough about my cleaning. In the middle of all this I have managed to work out every other day on my Bowflex. I decided to be bold and turn the poster they give you to use as a guide over from the beginner's side to the intermediate. OH MY GOODNESS! I woke up so sore the following day but it was really worth it. I have tried to cut back on what I eat which has been really easy and I'm happy to say I'm actually seeing some results. My goal is to fit into my favorite pair of jeans and to have them button without bulges. I can get my ass into them right now but there is no way I would wear them in front of anybody. It wasn't but about four months ago that I tried to put them on and they wouldn't get up past my thighs. So woo hoo for me! Things are looking good around here and I'm feeling good about it.

Next on my list of things to do: Get the husband to get off his regio glutealis and go with me up to the gym, that we pay a membership to and have never been inside together but one time ever, and play racquetball with me with the new racquetball equipment that we have had in the back of my SUV for about three months now. Wow how's that for a run on sentence!! I'll keep you posted. I've never played and I'm sure that will make for some interesting reading. What am I, insane?

FYI, Insanity is often the logic of an accurate mind overtaxed. Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes.