Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday Rewind

I know, more than one post in one day, who can keep up with that. Well it's just how it works around here. After my Friday night waxing things just seemed to go to hell in a handbasket and I haven't had time to sit down and reflect until now. Sure I need to be scrubbing my toilets, folding laundry, picking up toys, unloading the dishwaher, feeding the dogs but you know what, all that can wait.

I'll sum up the goings on around here since I know you're on the edge of your seat waiting to hear. Saturday was pretty cool. I woke up fearing a large red rash on my leg from the waxing but luckily dodged that. Hub spent most of the day in his office trying to sort through the mounds of papers and boxes he likes to refer to as necessary and important paperwork. I like to refer to it as piles of shit that should have been thrown out in the 80's. But to each his own. I wandered in and out a few times to check on him but he kept giving me stuff to do so I left his ass alone after the third trip down there.

A1 got a new game called UNO Spin for Christmas and we decided to sit down and play a few games. He and I have always loved to play UNO. I taught him how to play when he was about six and we are addicted. We have almost every form of UNO known to man and have worn them out. This one was kinda cool though. He's such a lucky little shit that he always lands on the good stuff like put all but one card down or make the other person pick up a thousand cards. Me, I land on the stuff like show all your cards, draw til you pick up a red or just flat out let the other person win. It was pretty fun though. I won like one game out of at least 120. Now he asks me every five seconds if I want to play it with him. Sure I do it beats housework.

A2 has just been busy being A2. That child is offically a year and a half and amazes me at how smart he is and better yet how mischievious. He will deliberately do stuff just to get a rise out of you. His favorite thing to do is come up to you while you are using the computer, we use laptops here, and stick his head around to look at your screen. Now that's pretty cute and all but while you are looking at his big ol pumpkin head, he is sneaking his little hand up to the keyboard to press a button. It's usually the backspace or delete key or enter. I don't really know what it is but whatever he just pushed makes you lose your place and go back about three pages. Once he's accomplished his task he darts away laughing. He also likes to grab the cat by the tail, pick off the rubber stoppers from the cabinets, walk up behind the cat and scream at her, and ride his tricycle through the house at a hundred miles per hour with no regard to objects that may be in his way. I'm seriously considering taking the cat to the vet for some prescription valium. She's going to need it.

Yesterday was pretty traumatic for him though. It was his 18 month check up and he had to get a shot. Somehow I managed to talk the husband into meeting me for lunch and then we both took A2 for his appointment. I hate taking him to the doctor. He does pretty good but I'm not a very patient person. We get called back into the room after having to wait about 40 minutes past our appointment time. The nurse tells us to strip him down to his diaper and socks. That's not so bad except it took her forever to come back. Hell, I was freezing and she expects a baby to not be cold. She comes back and weighs him, 26lbs, measures him, 31 and a quarter, and says the doc will be in shortly. What the hell ever! Took him at least 20 minutes. Have you ever tried to entertain a baby who is half nekkid with nothing to play with in a room that is cold as crap? It wasn't all that fun. Doc makes it in, we barrage him with questions, the baby checks out fine and now the hard part. Shot time.

Now wouldn't you think that if you were coming in to stick a child in the leg with a needle you would want that child to be as comfortable as possible, I would. This lady comes in tells us to lay him on the table, hold his hands and feet and she would give the shot. That went over like a frikkin lead balloon. First of all A2 is very much like his mommy dearest and hates to be held down. I think he didn't even notice the shot so much, he was pissed beyond belief that he had to be held down. Needless to say she is not on the list of my favorite people. But it was over and done in a matter of seconds. We got out of there and thank goodness don't have to go back until he's two.

Monday I went shopping with the little ones, A1 wanted an iPod case so we schlepped around from store to store in search of the perfect one. Happy to say he found one he liked at Best Buy and it was of all colors PINK! It takes a real man to carry pink. He loves it and said the kids at school said it was pimpin'. Oh Lord help!

While we were out I went to Old Navy and spent my gift cards. Those things were seriously burning a hole in my pocket. None of us needed anything but I managed to spend almost $150 there. Best part is, husband can't bitch about it. Gift cards rock!!! I bought me a pair of green corduroy pants and they were a size...wait for it, wait for it.....10!!! Granted they were a 10 stretch but they fit and looked pretty cute I might add. Yay me! I also got three shirts for me, a green shirt for A1 that said "Smooth like butta" on it with a picture of a butter dish on it and he loved it. I got A2 a rocking shirt that has a heart with flames on it that says "Mom Rocks", picture a tattoo type heart and flame. It was too cute and so worth the grief it was going to cause my husband! It was only $12 but for the look on his face when he read it I would have paid $50. (Did I mention I love to annoy my husband?) He also got some orange pants, an orange hoodie, and another shirt. I can make money stretch at Old Navy. I love that place!! A1 didn't want anything else from there because he has graduated up to Aeropostale and American Eagle. Man, how'd he get so old!

I also made a quick stop into Victoria's Secret. I hadn't bought my much needed bra yet and they were having their semi-annual sale. Is it just me or do they seem to have that same old sale at least 50 times a year? Any way, it couldn't be avoided any longer. I had to buy a new bra. I didn't even care what it looked like. I just reached into the bucket and picked out one. I swear it was to the point to where you remember me going down to bug my husband while he was cleaning his office, well, I went down on one occasion to lift my shirt up to show him I had entered skank territory. I was wearing a freaking bikini top for a bra. I shit you not. It was one of those old ones that make you look like you have a uniboob. But it was either that or let em hang. I just couldn't let em hang with the sweatshirt I was wearing though. It had lettering on it and the inside was all scratchy. So again, yay me, I got a new bra!

Last night was pretty boring, I couldn't find anything good on television. I did notice that the fat attack is on in full force. Every other commercial was for either Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, some miracle fat burning pill, or some sort of work out equipment that would magically transform your body within weeks. Good luck out there all my fellow wanna lose weighters! I'm doing pretty good on that front. I did manage to work out on Saturday and then again on Monday night. I didn't work out last night so that means tonight I have to, no excuses. I'm holding those damn Bowflex people to their word. I better be smoking hot in five more weeks! ***I'm seriously rolling my eyes here***

Speaking of watching television, sorry to jump around, but woo freaking hoo, American Idol is coming back on next week. I love that show, bettter yet, I love that is bugs the piss out of my husband for me to watch it. He tries to act like he isn't interested but you watch, he'll be conveniently around whenever I'm watching it. I watch so much junk on television. I don't understand how this happened but I think A1 is more mature than I am in his television choices.

He will watch the History Channel and documentaries on the Discovery Channel. He likes to watch Mythbusters and shows like Flip that House. He's the very serious type. Keep in mind he's only 12. Granted he likes to watch the Simpson's and South Park too but for the most part this kid is watching educational type shows by his own choice. Me, hell, I'm all about American Idol, Big Brother, the Real World and better yet, the Real World Road Rules challenges. What am I stuck in my high school mentality?? I swear if Beverly Hills 90210 were still on I'd so watch it. My favorite thing to watch on Monday's though is SuperNanny. I watch that with A1 and we make fun of all the people whose kids are hell'yuns.

So that's about all it as far as life around here goes. Oh, I almost forgot, the baby, A2, learned a new word this weekend from his brother and I couldn't be prouder **take note of the sarcasm here**. It's dum da da dum, crap! Yes, that's right my sweet little baby has added the word crap to his ever growing vocabulary along with mom, cat, juice (dooce), dada, ooh oh, spongebob (bob bob), bub, woof, shew, whatareyoudoing, bye bye, beep, and I'm sure a couple more I can't remember right now. Thanks Bubba for being such a great influence, I'm sure he will never say that word at the most inopportune moment while out in public with me. Love ya!

So that's it so far. I have tons more but I think I'll save some of my thoughts as a draft and work on them later. I have got to get up off this couch before my ass print gets permanently embedded and the husband comes home and catches me doing nothing.

Current specs:
1 size away from my favorite jeans - although I love my green cords I just bought!
147 lbs
working out tonight for sure