Thursday, January 4, 2007


I would sit down and try to write a little but I've managed to waste the day away doing a whole lot of nothing. Now I have to do a speed cleaning of my house to make it at least appear to my husband that I've been busy all day. I might even get to squeeze a pizza out of him tonight.

I spent most of the day cleaning and vacuuming up the remains of Christmas yesterday. If I seriously see one more strand of tinsel I'm going to lose my mind. That stuff is going to plague me for at least a month or so. It's everywhere! It appears out of nowhere and I don't understand how that happens! If I didn't know any better I'd say the guys were just planting strands here and there to watch me go bat-shit crazy over it. Believe me, they aren't above it.

I've offically fell off the workout wagon. That's not a good thing. I haven't worked out now for almost two weeks. Good thing is that I haven't gained the two little pounds I lost back but I haven't made any more progress either. Why on earth is it so freakin hard to go work out for no more than 20 minutes? Hell I stand around trying to think of something to do for at least that long every day. I'm gonna guess it's a good old fashioned case of L.A.S. I'll let you work on that one.

I'm going to get better and rededicate myself tonight. Can you believe I actually put on a pair of size 8 britches today and they would fasten and it didn't require the jaws of life to get them off??!! Granted I looked like the muffin lady swallowed Joe Camel but it renewed my desire to fit into my cute booty jeans and be able to breath at the same time.

Well, enjoy the little piece I added below. It's really nothing more than filler. Oh crap, I only have an hour before hubbs is home.

Current Specs:
148.6 lbs
2 realistic sizes away from my favorite jeans
gonna work out tonight come hell or high water