Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Damn you insomnia!!!

Ever had one of those nights where no matter what you do you just can not make yourself fall asleep? Well I had one last night and it sucked ass. Don't get me wrong I'm usually a night owl anyway. I'm at my most productive come late afternoon and on up into the wee hours. My little one (A2) is also a night owl. He was kicking up a storm in my belly from 11 p.m. until about 1 a.m. before he was born so I knew he was going to be trouble. He's not even a year and a half and he and I are usually rocking out come 12:30 or 1 a.m. But last night was different. He hadn't had a nap all day long and fell asleep for good at around 10:30. The mister and I wasn't sure what to do with ourselves so we decided to try something totally out there for a change so we jumped in the bed and actually tried to carry on an adult conversation with one another. I know kinda kinky huh!!
That lasted for about an hour and then I found myself talking to dead air. He drifted in and out and to his credit tried to play it off as though he was listening when he would twitch and wake himself up. I decided to give it up and just let him sleep. I was a little tired and thought it would be nice to get a couple extra hours of sleep for a change. Don't know what the hell I was thinking because that was the last thing that happened.

I started off on my belly. I'm a sleep face down with my toes hanging off the end of the bed gal. That wasn't working for me so I just kept trying to adjust. I was really trying hard not to wake up the mister but he kept waking up and asking me in his sleep induced stupor if I was ok or if he could do something for me. I said no and he threw his arm across me and instantly went back to sleep. Now you may think that was a sweet gesture but when you have someone's arm across your chest when you are struggling to go to sleep you must know it's not fun. I felt as though 200 pounds of dead weight was laying on top of me and started to freak out because I couldn't move. I finally wiggled my way out of that and just stared at the ceiling listening to all the creeks and rattles that live in my house. What's the deal with the supersonic hearing that kicks in when you can't sleep? I swear I could hear a gnat fart last night and every little thing I heard annoyed the hell out of me. On top of all this, my hubby has this clock that projects the time and temperature onto the ceiling in this bright neon blue fashion. Now, I'm actually the one who saw it and suggested he get it but last night as I watched the time tick away on what reminded me of the Kenny Roger's Roasters sign from Seinfeld I wanted to sling it out the door along with his snoring ass.

3:30 was the last time I can recall seeing flash upon the ceiling so I'm pretty sure that's when I finally fell asleep. I was thankful for those couple of hours sleep because at about 6:30 A1 was in the kitchen looking for a bowl for some fish water and it sounded as though he was remodeling the whole place. I let the first crash slip and didn't say anything but after the second I had to drag myself in there to see just what was going on. I could have strangled him at that point but resisted the urge. I do that alot.

Even though I had a crappy night I have managed to have a very pleasant day. My little guy, A2, didn't wake up until about 10 this morning and when he did I looked over into his bed and he puckered up for a kiss. Ahhh, all my stress washed away at that moment. So here I am still trying to figure out this blogging thing. I think I may have accidentally figured out how to add a song. If by chance you can hear it, it's the Beatles, A Day in the Life. If you can't hear it then I screwed up and need help.

Ta Ta For Now -

Things to look forward to in the coming days:
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