Friday, December 15, 2006

What happened to yesterday????

Man where did yesterday go? I got up with very good intentions of finishing up my Christmas shopping since this weekend is the last weekend before the big day. I was certain I would get out and finish up the little bit I needed to get done and not have to fight the crazy weekend crowd but NOOOO that just didn't happen. I spent pretty much my whole day cleaning my house and playing with the little tikes. You might think I have a dirty house since it took me all day but that's not the case. I have a little shadow that I lovingly call A2 and bless his bones he is so counterproductive. I pick up something off the floor, he throws two things back down on the floor. Plus with all the snack breaks, getting fresh pants, and Spongebob distractions it takes me a while. And then there are the long spans of time I have to spend looking for something dear A2 has wandered off with and I need.

For example, I managed to grab a quick shower in the morning before he woke up. Yay, that's a major deal for me. I didn't brush my hair because I figured I didn't want to press it. I just ran some gel through it and let it go. I'd get around to it later. I continued on with my day, I was cleaning the bathrooms and A2 is fascinated by the toilet right now. He's not interested in using it but he loves to splash around in it if he catches the lid up but his favorite is to flush it. There's nothing like a cold spray two or three times when you are in the middle of taking care of business. So because he likes to hang out around the john I clean it every day.

He was watching me on this particular day use the scrubby and swirl around the inside. I know he's seen me do it before but thank goodness he's never tried to do it himself. I got distracted and must have left the lid up after I was finished. Keep that in the back of your mind. I moved on to the bathtub and then decided to throw in a load of clothes. I noticed he wasn't right behind me at the time and figured he was Spongebobbin it. Well after about thirty minutes or so I thought I better try to run a brush through my hair before it hit the no-turning-back-fro status. Only, I couldn't find my brush anywhere. I thought maybe A1 had come in and borrowed it before he went to school. I checked his bathroom and didn't see it. I checked my husband's drawer and no luck. At that point I was pretty sure A2 had swiped it.

I, being the naive mother I am, started looking on the floor in my bedroom, the living room, playroom and even ***shudders here*** the cat box. Thank goodness it wasn't in there! It took me nearly 15 minutes of searching before I found it and where was it you ask..........the frikkin toilet!!! Talk about gross. It's not like it was just kinda floating around in there, it was jammed into the hole with the bristle end pointed down. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I know that baby thought he was just doing his part to help his mommy, besides I WAS swirling around a big ol brush in there earlier but give me a break! I had to reach in and grab it and wound up just tossing it in the trash can beside the toilet.

Yes, the toilet was clean and all but could you seriously rake a brush through your hair that had been jammed in the toilet. I don't think so. Needless to say I never got my hair brushed, I whipped it up in a ponytail and threw a hat on. Guess a trip to Wal-Mart is in my future, not only for some stocking stuffers but for a new hair brush as well.

It's little things like that that eat up my days. I was proud of myself last night though. I got a Bowflex as a "gift" last week. After two days of assembly it sits in my downstairs patiently waiting for the body it's going to transform in as little as 6 weeks, 20 minutes a day, three times a week. **I'm seriously rolling my eyes right here** I know you have seen the infomercial with the huge claim that I just made above. Well I'm here to put it to the test. I've wanted to drop a few..ok a lot, of pounds and have been unable to due to, well nothing more than a good case of lazitus. So on Monday I weighed in and didn't work out. On Tuesday I weighed in and did work out for the very first time and let me say this....20 minutes my ass!

It took me that long to figure out how to attach all the hooks and pulleys and when to take the seat off and when to put it back on. More like an hour and a half later I was finished with only one major pinch in my finger. Those clips hurt!! I didn't work out Wednesday other than running all over the house and a little dancing to some Christmas music with A2. My hubby didn't want me to over do it. So last night was work out night. I was a little bit better because I knew what to hook where and used a little bit more weight. It felt good. So that is what I meant by Bowflex vs Me. I'm going to keep track of my progress and hopefully in the coming weeks will start to see a difference. Keep your fingers crossed and have a Ho-Ho for me. I'll tell you next time about the incident in Old Navy. ***Blush***

Current specs:
150 lbs
2 sizes away from my favorite jeans