Sunday, December 17, 2006

Toot, toot, beep, beep

Ok, Santa comes exactly one week from tonight and I'm getting excited! I get a little ho-hum after Thanksgiving but after my birthday passes and I realize it isn't the end of the world to scratch out another notch on my age board, I really get into the spirit. I love Christmas music so much and this year especially. A2 rocks! That child has rhythm way down deep in his soul. If you ever need a pick me up I suggest you watch a baby dance. With A2 it's more like spinning around in circles until he gets dizzy and falls but every now and then he shakes his little booty from side to side and claps. The best one yet though is the penguin walk/dance move I LOVE it!

I'm happy to say I'm done with my shopping except for one person. What do you buy for someone who has everything? I know it's more about the thought behind it but hey, who wants a cheesy gift they won't get any use out of and will just sit in the closet?? I still need to get stocking stuffers for the guys but, I am going to officially be the coolest mom ever once A1 opens his gift. All he has wanted for the past six months is an iPod video and I have him absolutely convinced he isn't getting one because they are too expensive. He's seriously going to crap his pants when he opens it. A2 is getting a cool train table and probably couldn't care less but he's gonna have a blast opening presents this year! ***squealing with delight at the thought***

A2 and I got out Friday afternoon and went to our most favorite place in the whole wide world.......Old Navy!! I needed to find A1 another pair of jeans and found something for myself too -- woo hoo. I was a little unsure as to whether or not I was going to be able to show my face in there again after what happened the last time I was there. About two or three weeks ago I managed to con A1 and my hubby into going there with me and A2 to grab a pair of pants for A2 to wear on Christmas morning.

Now for the four of us to go into Old Navy is a major feat. A1 hates to go there with a white hot passion. He moans and groans if we even get near the parking lot. If it doesn't have anything to do with a computer or Playstation he just isn't into it. Dear old hubby hates to go there because well, he just simply hates to turn loose of a dollar and knows if I go in money will be spent.

I knew what I wanted and just needed to find a size. Unbeknownst to dear hubby I had been there two days before and they didn't have what I needed so I knew it would be a short trip. Well, to my astonishment A1 was actually showing a little interest in some of the stuff they had, so I looked around with him and grabbed him some things. **yes, victory** But, the even more amazing thing that happened was that hubb himself was actually looking seriously at a few shirts to buy. Now he's a dark blue traditional Levi's kinda guy with a button down shirt. He's not one to venture out of the box when it comes to style. This man has shirts older than most high school seniors these days.

I was really hoping he would get something but at the same time ready to go home. We ate lunch at Taco Bell earlier in the day and my tummy was really starting to rumble. I know you've been there. You're out in public looking from side to side to see how crowded the area is around you because you know either under no control of your own or just to ease pressure, the inevitable fart is on it's way out. I was in the men's section and there didn't seem to be that many guys browsing so I thought it would be safe to do the old fart and walk away trick. Boy did that backfire, no pun intended, on me.

Hubb-a-dubb was two sections over with the kiddies, I was sure the coast was clear, so I let'er go. It was such a relief but man my own eyes were starting to burn. I had to get out of the area fast. Wouldn't you know, it was one of those that got trapped in every piece of clothing I had on. It was even in my hair I think. The kids must have finally sensed they were not right up under me so they immediately came over and so did hubb. Needless to say they are not the most subtle folk on the planet. I got the old, "mom, what did you do!" from A1 and the hubby acted as though I ran over his toe or something with a truck. Now, I didn't really care that they got a wiff, besides I suck up enough of their stink on any given day. I was quite happy that they had to endure at least some of that. The worst part was the group of people who out of the blue appeared and started looking around in the section I had just left. Where in the hell did they come from? I know I scanned the area and it looked pretty clear but there they were. I never made eye contact but knew they had to be gasping for air over there. There was no passing it off on the kids or anyone else. I was the only one around.

So to the innocent Old Navy shoppers looking for a bargain for either yourself or someone else, I apologize for blasting out probably one of the worst farts on record and your having to politely continue your shopping as though you didn't notice. New house rule, no more Taco Bell for lunch if shopping is part of the scheduled daily activities.

Quick sidenote: didn't work out Wednesday: worked out Thursday and Friday both, yay me! I even had hubb and A1 working out. Weigh-in coming up on Tuesday.