Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Time Well Wasted

You know, there are so many other things I could be doing with my time but for some reason I felt that this would do me some good. If your looking for some high flying adventure tales to read about or looking to stalk someone new then I'm here to tell you that you may as well move on to someone else's blog. The most your going to get from me is some rants, raves and random ramblings about what's going on in my world.

I've got two children who I will dub A1 and A2. A1 is the oldest and is way too mature for words. I swear that child has an old soul but I love it. A1 helps me out a lot with A2. A2 is very rowdy and such a comedian. This child is all about some mischief and the sad thing for me is that A2 is not even a year and a half old yet. I forsee a head full of premature grey or is it gray hair coming my way! What's with that anyway? Is there a difference between grey and gray? Anywho.
I'm blogging to feel as though I have some connection to the outside world that doesn't involve Jellyfishing with Spongebob and Patrick or singing about a soccer monster with the Backyardigans. I choose to stay at home with A2 and wouldn't change that for the world but some days I would give my left pinky toe for some adult conversation.
Do I not have a husband you ask...I do. He just spends about 80 percent of his time at work and then when he does make it home he's all about the kids and the Sci-fi channel. So that leaves me with this wonderful blog that my dear internet addicted cousin helped me set up.

I'm so excited about starting my be honest a little too excited. As she would say I probably should get outside more because this is borderline scary but if your interested I'm gonna try to update as much as possible. For me this is going to end up being time very well wasted!


Mrs. False Positive said...

You and Michael say addicted I say enthused lol.

Miss Zoot designed your template, I just installed it, she rocks like that. You can thank her at

Love your first post if it's a sign of things to come I'll have a new reason to be on the Internet longer lol!

Here's to stalking ya ;)