Saturday, December 2, 2006

Vacation From Vacation

Because I love my husband I moved this from the original post date of June 16, 2007. I didn't want to totally delete it so I tucked it away here so it wouldn't be forgotten.

Why is it that once you come back from vacation you always feel like you need another vacation from vacation? I could use about two weeks to myself to recover from this vacation.

We didn't make it home until around 3 or so in the afternoon on Friday and once I got inside my house it felt SOOO good to be there. I didn't even care that it was a total mess and smelled like the cat had thrown a major crapfest the entire week.

Thankfully everything was still there and the animals had all survived the week being alone. The garden had actually sprouted some vegetables but everything was in desperate need of water.

Too bad I didn't stick around to do any of that. That's right, I got home, stayed there for less than an hour and then cut a trail back home to my daddy's house (2+ hours away). Why would I do that after spending umpteen hours on the road the day before? Because my husband is a big fat liar.

I'm so mad at him right now I could spit nails.....AT.HIS.EYEBALLS.

I'm not going to go into specifics because like everything else - this too will pass but the gist of it all is that I called him out on something over three years ago and he swore up and down that I didn't know what I was talking about and that he never created "that bogus email address".

Funny how things always have a way of being found out. I had just settled into my own ass indenture of the couch to play on the computer for a little while on Friday and what did I find? An email that was inadvertently sent to ME from "that bogus email address". The email itself wasn't the real issue. I knew who he had sent it to and that didn't matter so much. It was the fact that he actually thought I was a fucking idiot and didn't know that the email address existed just because he said so.

I was proud of myself though. I read the email and then reread it to make sure it wasn't too much sand or salt water in my brain and sure enough, it was a major screw up on his part. I turned the computer around and showed it to him. He instantly got that "oh shit" look on his face. You know the one. He then had the nuts to try to delete it but I told him that unless he wanted me to go ape shit on him he would let go of the computer right then.

He did.

I shut it down and jumped in the shower. Normally I would have screamed and acted like a major ass but for some reason I remained calm and never raised my voice. I wanted a shower and to just get ready. I transferred my clothes from the big suitcase to a smaller one and loaded it back into my car. I got A2's suitcase out and loaded it up as well. I asked A1 if he wanted to go back to Nana and Granddaddy's (N and G's) and he said........."No, I'll just stay here". Oh my goodness, THAT hurt me worse than the friggin email. He has NEVER passed up an opportunity to come down especially with just me.

I didn't let either one of them know I was hurt and just loaded up in the car. I drove away and got about 2 minutes down the road when I called my mom to ask if I could come back. Naturally she said yes and as my Dad asked me if everything was OK, I lost it. I didn't want to cry on the phone to them so I lied and said yes and that A2 and I would be there around 7.

It wasn't until after I got on the Interstate that I lost it. How could I have been so naive? I thought all of that bullshit was behind us. I THOUGHT that the last few years had been different from the first 11 or so years of pure hell and lies. He claims everything HAS been different he just made this "one little mistake". LITTLE??!! (%^&*%&*) What the hell ever!

I knew the minute he created that account and called him on it. I may not be one of the Best Buy Geek Squad members but I do know how to navigate a frigging computer. I know that if there is a damn link to an email address open, then the email address exists. He told me that he "tried" to create it but it never went through. I let it go and just sat on it for about three years now.

Gonna have to call BULLSHIT on him now though. He has denied (read: lied) it for all this time. I tell you, once he gets a lie in his head he sticks to it!! There's been other proof but none this hardcore (an actual sent email from the account).

Oh well, enough about that. It's water under the bridge. Like I said, it'll pass. I will never fully trust him again. Been there and back about a thousand times......not.going.back. Will we break up over it? No. Will we act like nothing has happened about a month from now? Probably. Will I be a total bitch to him for at least two weeks because of it? You better believe it.

He's just lucky I didn't go out and get my usual retail therapy. I'll have to say I've shown some major restraint over all of this. Guess that's what comes with getting older.

I just can't believe A1 stayed home and that after talking to him on the phone a couple of times since I've been down here, it breaks my heart that my baby has a man voice now. Why can't they stay little forever dang it??!!

By the way, Happy Father's Day tomorrow Daddy. You Rock!!

Too lazy to edit today. Plus (older) sister dear came in from the other side of the state and I'm bout to go pounce on her and make her get up out of bed at 7:15 on a Saturday night. Pansy can't handle just two margaritas!!