Monday, February 5, 2007

Ewww. Just ewww.

I'm cleaning up right. Story of my life these days. A2 was watching him some Looney Tunes in the living room munching on some Fruit Loops when I decided to go sack up the garbage. I gathered up what was in the kitchen and thought about the bathrooms. Nothing out of the ordinary there. A2 now had his little bowl of Loops in his hand and followed me into A1's bathroom to get the trash from in there. Nothing out of the ordinary there. I dumped it in the kitchen and went to my bathroom. A2 toddled along behind me, bowl in hand. I grabbed the can and headed towards the kitchen to dump that. A2 stayed behind. Didn't think anything was out of the ordinary there.

WRONG! I proceeded to sack up the rest of the trash. Put the new bag in the can. Took the big bag out to the garage and thought to myself, I need to scoop the cat box. At this point I just figured A2 was back in the living room. From now on I'll physically check to make sure. After I scooped the cat box I went to the living room to check on A2. He was in there alright. He was back to watching his Looney Tunes and was still eating him some Loops but not from his little bowl he was toting around less than 10 minutes ago. NOOOO, he had transferred his Loops into the tiny bowl that sits inside his potty chair. The one that they use and then you pick up, pour out and then replace. I bout shit my pants! He had it sitting on the television stand plucking Loops out one by one and popping them in his mouth. Could anything be any grosser than this? I think not!

Granted we have been trying to introduce the idea of potty training to him and the entire chair had been sterilized it was still gross. He hasn't actually hit the pot yet. My foot once and the bathroom rugs at least three times now but the potty chair, never. I told hubby and A1 that they were actually going to have to use the little chair to show A2 how it works. Thank the Lord above they are both too damn lazy to have done it already!

I gracefully took the bowl away from him and slung the Loops off the back porch. Afterwards I went back into the bathroom to find the actual food bowl on the floor in front of the potty chair. Let's just hope this doesn't happen again or I'll hurl for sure.