Thursday, May 17, 2007

Brokeback Bunny

As I sat here watching cartoons with A2 I started thinking back to when I was a wee lass and looked forward to Saturday morning when I would get up out of bed and watch my fill of cartoons for the week. I don't remember having 24 hour access to mind numbing cartoonery back in those days and I'm not that old.

Today's cartoons suck ass compared to the stuff that use to come on. There is way too much of that Japanese Anime crap on now and what's the deal with promoting freaking baby talk and speech impediments a'la the ANNOYING AS HELL Wonder Pets? Sure they promote teamwork every five seconds but there is only so much of that show I can take. I refuse to watch it and change it as soon as it comes on. They should pump that show into the prisons as a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

Sure there are a few good cartoons on like Spongebob, the Simpsons and the Backyardigans for the little ones to enjoy these days and they aren't that painful for the parents to have to sit through. Thankfully Tom and Jerry is still on rotation over on Cartoon Network but that's about it. Even the new Scooby Doo cartoons can't hold a candle to the old school stuff.

I really hate that Cartoon Network took off all the good stuff like Looney Tunes and the Jetson's and the Flintstones. A1 got a few good years of Cartoon Network before they switched to Craptoon Network. I can remember going into his room sometimes at 2 or 3 in the morning to find that he had gotten up out of his bed and switched on the television and was glued to Bugs Bunny. I have hours of Bugs Bunny on VHS because he loved it THAT much. I can remember A1 asking me why Bugs Bunny liked to dress like a girl so much. Try to explain that to a three year old!

A2's all time favorite show is of course Spongebob Squarepants with the Backyardigans coming in as a close second. He will sit through Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go - but seriously people over at Nick, can't you play more than the same damn three or four that are ALWAYS on!! I've seen Diego save the same damn whale a gazillion times. I like that they promote learning a different language but come on I know you've got more!

I couldn't handle it today and decided I would put in one of the Looney Tunes DVDs we have for A2 to enjoy and to give his brain a rest from "Bob Bob" since I've seen this same Krusty Towers episode about 500 times more than I would have liked to see it, and that's what got me thinking back to what I use to like when I was growing up.

For example I use to like the Get Along Gang. It was about a group of animal friends who had a clubhouse made out of a train caboose and they always went on scavenger hunts. Since I mentioned the Flintstones earlier that made Captain Caveman pop into my head, he rocked! Captain Caaaaaavvveeeeemaaaaannnnn!!!! I also liked the Monchichis. Try to get this song out of your head, "Mon chi chi, Mon chi chi, oh, so soft and cuddly". I even had one of the little dolls. I wanted the big one but never got one.

This is fun! Let's see I watched Dirty Dawg and Foofur, remember him, he was the blue dog that talked real slow and I think he had a southern drawl, and also Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. That show was a staple in my house. "Hey, Hey, Hey, it's Fat Albert, and I'm gonna sing a song for you........". I can't remember all of their names only Mushmouth, Rudy, Russell, Dumb Donald and of course Fat Albert. Do you remember the others?

Of course the Jetson's and the Flintstones and Underdog were some of my all time favorites. All. Classic. Nuff said about those. Garfield was pretty cool back then but now A1 has some of the DVDs and I don't love it now like I did back then. I vaguely remember watching Mighty Mouse. For some reason I'm picturing him flying out of a filing cabinet or something like that. Could be wrong on that one and have it confused with Underdog.

I was never a girly girl growing up, more like a tomboy, so I also got into the G.I. Joe cartoon and the "knowing is half the battle" thing at the end of each episode. I also liked Thundercats, Transformers, and He-man and the Masters of the Universe. I never cared much for She-ra but I think I had a cousin that liked that show and Jem and the Holograms so I had to endure those at sleep overs. Inspector Gadget was another one that I didn't love but would watch when nothing else was on. I had a friend that use to pretend he was Inspector Gadget when we would play on the playground at school and me and my friend AR had to fight over who got to be Penny because the other one had to be Brain.......the dog!

When I got a little older I liked the Kids Incorporated show. I use to pretend they were all my friends and I was singing along with them. When I knew nobody was looking I would try to dance like the kids in the background. What can I say, I was an only child. I use to also pretend that I was the chick in Kidd Video. Can't remember her name but Kidd was hot! That's the one where they start out as real people but get turned into cartoons and had to fight the Master Blaster. Good stuff.

Isn't it funny the obscure shit you can recall when you stop to think about it?! I had no idea I watched so much television as a child but what else was I going to do. I'm sitting here racking my brain trying to remember other shows I watched. There's the Smurfs, Shirttails, Fraggle Rock, oh and the Great Space Coaster!! Oh, my goodness, "No gnews is good gnews with Gary Gnus". Hilarious. I can still picture that creepy green guy doing the Gnus (news) of the Week.

Anybody remember the Popples and the Snorks? I use to have little plastic Snork figures but the thing that came out of their heads would always get broken off. They use to show us Raggedy Ann and Andy cartoons at my elementary school during library time. I can't really remember watching that outside of school but I can remember laying in bed pretending to be asleep waiting for all of my dolls and toys to come alive. I so wanted my Raggedy Ann and Andy doll to talk to me since I was never allowed to play with them. My mother always said they were made to be seen and not played with. Real funsucker she was!

Gosh what else? I can remember watching the Little Rascals with my Dad, not a cartoon but something we watched a LOT of. My mother did have somewhat of a human side to her because I remember watching Gilligan's Island and Bewitched and, of all things, Woody Woodpecker with her almost every afternoon and some music video show that would show the words to the song at the bottom of the screen so you could sing along. The first music video I can remember seeing was Twisted Sister's We're Not Gonna Take It.

Funny the power of television. I'm sure there were other shows that I'll think of as soon as I post this. If you remember watching any of these shows hit the comment button and tell me about it or tell me about something you liked that I left out. I may remember it once you say it.

No time to edit today so overlook blatent mistakes please!


mlb said...

Hey girl, told you I get addicted to these things....the best cartoon is scooby doo when Sonny & Cher was on there and the Harlem Globetrotters!!!!!Thought about you today cause we are going to Florida and was asked how many times I've been and I had to count the time we went with my dad in the truck!!!( how redneck!!!but fun ) Reading your blog is making me think about old times and man I have thought of stuff that I can't write about on this site!!!!!I will leave another comment soon!!!mlb

Anonymous said...

What about Johnny Quest? I loved that one, nerd that I am. Memaw and I used to watch the Superfriends together. Wonder woman, who wouldn't want to look that good while kicking butt and riding in an invisable jet?

R said...

mlb - i loved the sonny and cher scooby doo too! That trip to Florida with you and your dad was the first time I had ever been. We had so much fun. I still have a Pensacola paperweight thingy that I got from that trip. Speaking of the 4 wheelers, can you believe my daddy still has mine and it still runs! He also still has my purple and gold basketball. Remember that??!!

anonymous - i watched the superfriends some but not much. I do remember watching the Wonder Woman series though and spinning around until I got sick and fell down in the front yard pretending to be her. When I was five I had a pair of yellow shorts with red piping down the side and a white tee shirt that had wonder woman on it. Favorite.Outfit.Ever!

mlb said...

Oh yea!!I remeber the p/g b ball, my kids don't believe that I could somewhat play...I can't believe that about your 4 wheeler, that is awesome...mine was wrecked one too many times...I am glad you remember the florida trip maybe one day we can go back there when we are old and our kids don't care about us anymore!!!