Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How Does Your Garden Grow

Latest project here at camp Kookamonga - a huge garden filled with shit we don't eat, especially the husband. His vegetables include peas and corn and that's pretty much it. He's the one you NEVER want to go to eat with to a Mexican restaurant. It takes him about 20 minutes to place an order because he has to tell them to take everything off. He pretty much eats the friggin taco shell with meat and cheese in it, period. He planted a whole bunch of cucumbers, eww gross. I'm guessing HE is wanting to make pickles out of them. Consider this your warning if you know us personally. You will be given some of his pickles a'la Aunt Bee's Kerosene Cucumber recipe no doubt.

There are peppers out there - none of us eat peppers. Onions. None of us eat onions. We did plant about a gazillion watermelon seeds and some cantaloupes too. I tried to plant some sunflowers in this little circular flowerbed right off our back porch but he put our pumpkin from Halloween out there to rot and now we have pumpkins growing in with my sunflowers. Grreat!Don't know how that is going to work out. I could transplant the pumpkins to the garden with the others but I'm lazy and don't see that happening.

I like to poke fun of Farmer Hubb but this garden is really making him happy so I'm enjoying working in it with him. Plus it gives him an excuse to drive his tractor all over the place with all the different attachments. I just think it's funny we are growing all this stuff we won't eat though. A1 said he would set up a stand and sell all the extra stuff to the neighbors who are too lazy to grow their own garden. I figure GDad will get most of it. All of our neighbors don't have time for a garden because they are too busy mowing their freaking lawn every other day. I seriously think they are all in competition on who can have the best yard. Needless to say we aren't in the running. We're the Sanford's of the neighborhood.

Warning to all you Limewire addicts - I was reading somewhere yesterday that the RIAA was cracking down on some college kids who was illegally downloading stuff. It only takes one to flag you. Be smart about it.

It has seriously taken me all afternoon to write this post. I've had a bazillion interruptions. Supper, diaper changes, American Idol. You know, important stuff. So; Survivor ended this weekend and American Idol only has a few more episodes left. I'm going to be seriously scrambling to find something to rot my brain with on television. I was so excited I almost peed a little when I saw the promo for Big Brother 8 while I was watching the finale of Survivor.

Big Brother is ONLY my most favorite summer activity ever! I get so wrapped up in that show every time it comes on. I always go to the websites that watch them 24/7 and read their recaps to find out what's going on before the show airs. I'm a serious Big Brother junkie - it's like heroine to me. I have this friend that I use to work with and we would talk about it all the time. It use to piss our snooty supervisor off until we finally converted her ass just to shut her the hell up. She watched one episode and was hooked. We hardly ever talk to each other since neither of us work at that job anymore but once Big Brother starts we find our way back to each other and talk about it like biddy hens.

I talked to another old old friend today that I haven seen or talked to in over 10 years, probably longer. It was as if no time had passed at all. We did a quick recap of what had been going on in our lives, how our husbands and kids drive us crazy sometimes and if we had had our second child first neither of us would have had another. It was about a 20 minute conversation but it felt great to talk to her. I'm sure the two of us will keep in contact. I love it when you reconnect with true friends. She's actually a cousin about 15 times removed or something like that.

Quick recap of Mother's Day since I haven't been keeping up like I should with my posting. It. Was. Fantastic. My guys didn't do anything spectacular like serve me breakfast in bed but they spent the whole day being nice to me and they even let me go shopping at the toy store. Yep, I'm a just a big kid trapped in a fat woman's body. Guess what I found? The Winkie Guard that totally completes my Wizard of Oz Barbie set. I now have all seven (7) dolls. Woo freakin' Hoo. I have been looking for that stupid doll forever. I saw it going for about $80 on eBay. Whatever! If I was going to pay $80 for a Barbie I'd get one of the Lucy's that I'm missing. I have 9 of those but I'm missing three of the most important ones.

We spent the afternoon rotting our brains watching the first season of the Sopranos when we got back from the toy store. We finished it and started on the second. I'm going to go into withdrawal once we finish that because we don't have seasons three or four. Do you have it? Can I borrow it? I promise to be careful with it. I. Must. See. It! I still can't get over the fact that this guy let us borrow his and he had never even opened them yet. This dude rocks!

Let's see, my mom was out of town for Mother's Day and I didn't get to talk to her on Sunday but I did on Saturday. She and my dad rode off to one of their favorite places and spent the night. I know she loved it. If you see this Mom, I love you! Hope you enjoy your iTunes card. (Yep, she's a member of iPodders Anonymous but don't rat her out she'd never admit to it outright.)

Monday was a blur. We watched the Sopranos from Sunday night when the hubby got home from work. Oh. My. Goodness. I figured they would rub out Chrissy but I didn't think it would be like that. Only three more left. All the good shows I like end up going off the air. Got any suggestions for something I can watch? I caught back up on my Days of our Lives. I'd quit watching and was only skimming it daily. The story lines were horrible but they are bringing back all of the good characters (Stefano!!!!! in particular) and I can't wait. Now my cousin and I will talk every single day instead of every other day. She's the one that got me hooked on this show back 20 some odd years ago. Man I'm getting old!

Today it rained cats and dogs this afternoon. I worked my ass off downstairs on the treadmill and the Blowflex (no that's not a spelling error, it blows that I can't lose this friggin' weight!!)

A2 did the potty bucket thing again today, he went and got it, brought it to me and pulled at the front of his pants. Only this time he was in the middle of a poop and failed to mention that to me so as I jerked his diaper down to let him pee there were poop pellets rolling all over the bathroom floor. AWESOME. I vote that there should be a button or something installed on them that automatically teaches them to crap in the toilet without assistance. This diaper/pull-up/potty training chair thing has got to be some sort of systematised element of organized crime. Maybe I've been watching too much Sopranos.

I'm going to go see if I can con my dear husband into giving me a massage. I'm not holding my breath but if I annoy him long enough he'll relent just to shut me up.

Ciao computer buddies!

What I'm listening to right now: Mondo Bondo by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros (awesome make out song!) Next up: Your Song by Elton John

What I weigh right now: Too damn much! No seriously, too much. Fine, I weigh 146.8 that's with all my clothes on and my running shoes because I'm too lazy to take them off. I've got to hit it hard from now on if I want to wear something that even resembles a bathing suit and not a building awning in Florida on June 11.

Where's my support group??!!


mlb said...

hey girl it was great to talk to you too, i hope we can catch up sometime soon. after our chat last yesterday i started thinking about all the crap we got 12 and 13 years old...suprise dcs didn't come after us..i get nervous watching the boys ride the 4 wheeler and i can't believe we ever survived...ANYWAY about the garden i totally understand, we plant a bunch of stuff and after a while we just let the neighbors pick it theirselves cause we get too busy or actually too lazy to do it.. tell everyone on that farside of the family i said hello. i love the blog, i usually get addicted to these things so now you will probably get a comment from me alot since i personally know the person behind to you soon

R said...

hey mlb..comment as much as you want. hopefully others will do the same. call again when you get a chance.