Thursday, May 24, 2007

Random Shit

If I had to describe how I have felt all day and how I continue to feel at this very moment, I would have to say "like shit."

Coincidentally, I look and smell like shit as well.

Oh, and funny thing? So does my house.

Because I'm not a very good housekeeper sometimes, especially when I feel this shitty.

I feel like shit (I need a shit-o-meter to count the number of times I can say shit in one post) because we keep passing this crud that started with A1 a couple of weekends ago back and forth to one another. His strain consisted of a runny nose and general feeling bad. He then passed it to the husband whose strain consisted of runny nose, sore throat, and feeling crappy. My strain has mutated into this horrible thing that causes my left nostril to completely clog sporadically throughout the day, my head feels like someone has used it for an all night bongo session, my throat feels like there is a brillo pad stuck smack dab in the middle of it, I have less energy than usual, and my feet are hot as hell.

I'm not sure what my feet being so hot has to do with anything other than it's not very freaking comfortable. SHIT!

I've taken every type of cold medicine we have in our cabinet to alleviate the symptoms but they are helping out ZERO!

I was almost embarrassed to post about this because it seems that there is always some sort of sickness going around our house. What are we freaks?!

I haven't had a shower in two days, I haven't washed my hair since maybe Monday. I'm pretty gross. I was going to jump in the shower this afternoon but my husband ordered a load of sand to be delivered here this morning so we could put up our pool. We don't have a level spot for it, it's one of the 4 foot inflatable ones, so we have to improvise. I helped him spread the pool out and it's outside filling up as I type with two hoses going at full blast.

Anyway, I was advised not to wash clothes, dishes, or my ass today while it was filling up so that it wouldn't take as long and the sooner we get the water in the faster it will warm up and we can play in it. He said we shouldn't run any excess water until it was done.

I'm wondering now if that was a jab at the size of my ass since he said I should wait til it was finished. Huummmph. I'll have to bitch him out about that one later!

I won't be too hard on him though because after all the years we've been together, today he proved how much he loves me. We were all moving the swing set over to another spot in the yard when my nose did that whole clog up in an instant thing. I was struggling to breathe so I told him, "hang on I need to blow my nose." He scoffed and said "can't you just wait a second", well, umm, no I couldn't, I was literally struggling to breathe. So, being the lady that I am, I forewarned him that I was just gonna have to blow a snot rocket and to turn around so he couldn't see it.

He turned around alright, but when I blew it, it hit the back of his leg....on his calf. He turned around and said, "Did you have to blow it on me? We've got two acres right here and you had to hit ME!" "Hope you can breathe now" and then he kissed me on top of the head.


On to other less gross things. Not sure how the vacation thing is going to end up. The bad thing about trying to plan a vacation with another family is well, the other family! This whole thing started out with his brother telling him that he needed to take off this specific week in June so we could all go on vacation together. They said it about a billion times. Then they started looking at places to go and calling us every five minutes asking if we thought "such and such" would be a good place to go. We said we didn't care where we went that we were just glad to get to tag along.

It went from that to them telling my husband that he needs to look at some places and make reservations. Well he found a few spots and called them to see what they thought and they said, "we'll have to get back with you" and then they never did. I asked them last night about it and she acted like I kicked her cat when I brought it up. I'm guessing they had a falling out and now they don't want to go on vacation anymore and are afraid to tell us. Or, he wants to go still but he doesn't want her to go. It's a kooky relationship. Who knows!! I could care less at this point. I told hubby that if they bail on us then we can just go somewhere closer, cheaper, and fun without them.

Oh, guess what? My son, A1, has a "date" tomorrow night. It will be his first "drop off" and I'm not sure how I feel about it. He is supposed to meet three (as in 1,2,3) girls at the movies tomorrow. I'm contemplating the whole sneak back in and sit a few rows back thing but not sure yet if I could pull it off. My dad asked him how all three girls were going to sit beside him in the theater and my sweet, innocent, child replied, "one of them will just have to sit in my lap".

GRRRREEAAAT!! Is there a button I can push to skip the upcoming teenage years? He informed me the other day in casual conversation that there were two (2!!!!!) girls pregnant at his school. He's in freaking middle school!!! Ho-leeee Hell! What am I in for? The more I think about it I'm really not opposed to letting my boys live in a bubble and never leaving the house again. I'm just a super mom like that.

Oh well, at least he talks to me about stuff like this. He and I are pretty close and I'm praying it stays that way. I've tried to make him feel as comfortable as possible about telling me anything. He's very mature for his age and we have talked about pretty much everything you can think of. I don't volunteer but if he asks I tell. What else can I do?

A little bit of good news - A2 is over his fear of sitting on the big potty. Woo hoo for that! His daddy took him in there the other day and we actually got our first real use out of the Spongebob potty ring. You may recall that when we first got it he thought it would make an awesome necklace and his dad had to pry it off his big ol' melon head.

I've since gotten him to use it three times and that's with him asking on his own. Potty training this one is going to be a breeze, thank the good Lord above for that! I was more than a little anxious about it. I guess our "open door" thing we have going on around here has helped him a lot. There is NO way anyone around here, especially ME, can go to the bathroom without A2 standing right there in front of you giving the hawk eye. And if you dare try to close the door he stands outside of it beating it as hard as he can or better yet, screaming bloody murder until you relent mid-poop and open the freaking door. I mean come on, who can get a good poop out with someone raising that much hell outside the door?

OOOh, I did something just for me yesterday. I got a pedicure. I almost cancelled it because I felt like death warmed over but figured it would do me good to get up and get out. I got a gift certificate from hubby dear for my birthday way back in December and it was about to expire so I made the appointment over a week ago when I wasn't a human snot fountain. It felt sooo good to have someone rubbing my feet. I had on a pair of shorts and she was rubbing my ankles and calfs, she massaged the back of my knees, she kept on moving up til, I was starting to think I should have done some landscaping before coming for the appointment. She finally stopped at the top of my knee thank goodness. Now my toes are sparkly pink. It won't last long though. I walk around here primarily barefoot and going to the garden is going to have them all jacked up in no time.

Confession time: **Hanging head in shame** I haven't worked out since Friday. I could have on Saturday or Sunday but didn't. My parents came up Saturday afternoon and spent the night with us so that was my excuse for that night. Sunday, I was just lazy and wanted to watch Desperate Housewives. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I was sick. Today I'm still sick but I have to MAKE myself do it.

I haven't even been listening to my iPod this week. The girl has been sick I tell ya!

I've been a Nosey Nelly this week watching our neighbors moving out of the house they finally sold after almost a year on the market, jacked up to an unreasonable amount. I can't wait to see who is moving in though. I hear they have two boys which could be good for A1. He has never had boys to play with in a neighborhood, only girls. I think I may know who it is though, I was mowing one Saturday and a couple was looking that had two boys, I'm guessing around 8 or 9ish. She was a cute little blond chick and he looked like Don Ho.

That's really all I got for now. Talk to you later computer buds!