Saturday, May 5, 2007

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Hola Amigos,

Que pasa? It's been a crazy couple of days around here. Something got into me and I moved the couches from one end of the living room to the other, cleaned out from underneath them both and then moved them back to their original spot. I took the shag area rug we have and rotated that thing all by myself. That is one heavy mother!! I scrubbed the windows across the back of the house and even, get this, mopped my back deck. I know, right! You could run your tongue across it and it would taste like sunshine.

A2 and I went to this Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) meeting on Thursday morning. We had to be there at 9:30 in the morning. Anyone who knows us knows that being up that early in the morning is a major accomplishment for the two of us. People know better than to ring our phone before 10. Well most people, I have this one friend who likes to call and ask me what the hell I'm doing at 7 in the morning sometimes when she gets bored.

Anyway, I have never left A2 with strangers before. He has stayed with my grandparents one day and with my parents a couple of times for a few hours but that's the extent of it. On Thursday at MOPS I took him to a preschool room and left him with three ladies and about four other little boys his age. He cried at first but when I snuck back a few minutes later he had already calmed down and was fine. I went back to the meeting. It was a pretty cool program.

What it is is a bunch of mothers get together once a month and have some adult conversation with each other. Since it's held at a church there is a couple of speakers who share stories of hope and inspiration for the mothers to use as they may. We ate finger foods and there was a chocolate fountain. There is prayer and that's pretty much it for about two hours. Once the meeting was over I went to pick up A2 and the women just raved over how sweet he was and how good he did with the other kids. I was so proud of him. They were holding him up at the window waiting for me and he was just jabbering. They helped him make a Mother's Day card for me that had his hand print on it that they made look like a flower.

Too bad that was the last meeting before the new semester starts in September. I met a few nice people and they have a standing play date for every Thursday at the park from now until the meetings start back up. I'll probably go to some just to get out and chat with new people and let A2 play with other kids besides his big brother.

I picked up a preschool registration form for him to start in August. It's not like real preschool where they go and are forced to sit and learn stuff. I mean seriously, what can you teach a room full of two year olds? It's more like Mom's Day Out two days a week for three hours at a time. I haven't decided if I want to do it yet or not. I don't know who's more attached right now, him or me. I think it's me.

Friday I had to go for the yearly spread 'em. That was big fun! I found a new doctor and think I'm going to really like her. If all goes as planned I'm going to get an IUD put in as soon as Flo comes. I think we've decided that two is all we can handle. I'm a little scared but think it's the best option. I can barely remember to brush my teeth every day so taking the pill wouldn't work and I'm not very big on shots so that's out of the question. I brought up the V-word to my husband and he pretty much nixed (no pun intended) that before I got it out of my mouth.

Today has been pretty uneventful. I made us some Spanish rice and a mile high taco pie for lunch. That was our Cinco de Mayo celebratory food. I was going to make some celebratory daiquiri's but decided against it. A1 went to a friends house to play for a few hours, hubby played Star Wars Lego and A2 tormented the cat. His new favorite thing to do is run up behind her and bark. He cracks me up when he does that. He takes a deep breath and yells "Woooof" at the top of his lungs. She tries to walk away from him but he's too quick for that these days. Her only solace is if I open the door to the back porch and don't let him see her go out. He saw me give her a cat treat yesterday and now I have to hide them from him or else he wants to force feed the whole canister to her. Oh, I make him bark at his Daddy too. He'll even do it over the phone at him.

A friend of the hubby let me/us borrow his seasons one, two and five of the Sopranos. I'm in television heaven! This guy had never even opened them up and he let me borrow them. I thought that was pretty freaking awesome since I saw they cost about $50 a pop at Wally World. The first part of season six alone costs $80. How crazy is that? My family should be able to guess what I'm going to ask for for my birthday and Christmas or just because you love me this year. I can't believe I got in on the tail end of this show. I LOVE it!

We watched the first four episodes last night. We tried to watch some tonight but A2 was being so silly we had to pause it to laugh at him. He would take his t-shirt and stretch it over his brother's head and ask where'd bub go. It took us a while to figure out what he was saying. He would also jump on his tricycle and ride it at about a hundred miles per hour around in circles. Side note: Plastic wheels on hardwood @ 100 mph = Impossible to hear oneself fart, let alone watch television.

I should be downstairs working out. I was crushed when I went to the doctor yesterday. I "officially" weigh 151 on their scale. My digital scale here at home said 147 on Thursday. I didn't have the guts to jump on there when I got home yesterday afternoon and today after our Mexican fiesta there's no way in hell I'd get on it right now. I've pretty much scaled down my goal of hitting the 130's by May 21st. I'm pretty fond of eating and not starving so my adjusted goal is to lose at least five pounds by the 21st, five more by the end of the month and then another five or so by the end of the first week in June. We're planning a trip to Florida the second week in June so now I HAVE to work out or I'll be mistaken for a friggin' orca out there. I'd like to hit 133ish by the time we head out. Feel free to hit the comment button and shout out some support. I need it!!

Instead of working out I'm off to watch the last half of episode four of the Sopranos. It's midnight and nobody wants to work out at midnight! Besides, I fell asleep last night in the middle of it but didn't want to admit it to my hubby. He said before he started it I wouldn't make it all the way through. I hate it when he's right!

¡CU├ŹDATE! (Take Care)