Saturday, January 12, 2008


If this video thing doesn't work be patient I'm working on it and if it does work then just consider this picture I threw in as a bonus!

This is A2 riding his four wheeler through a mud hole in the side yard. Of course this is the first time we've ever used this camera to record anything so the quality is less than stellar. He did it for at least an hour today while his daddy was outside trying to build some sort of contraption for the dogs out of pallets. A2 had such a blast being outside today! It was so fun to watch him on that thing. He reminded me of myself when I use to love to do nothing else but ride my own 4-wheeler with my cousin.

I'm loving the fact that it was so pretty and we could spend some time outside today because all that fresh air has A2 snoozing like a lump on the couch right now. It was such a nice day today even though major changes in the weather all week have had us all scratching our heads and wondering when Jesus was going to show up. It's gone from below freezing and clear to near 70 degrees with hail and tornado warnings and watches all around us to today's mild 50 something. And get this, I'm pretty sure A1 said he heard we were suppose to have flurries tomorrow. What is going on with all this crazy weather? Is the weather anything like this where you are?

I'm glad we got this video because I haven't had much to post up here this week even though it's been a busy busy week. I do have one announcement to make and that is that I've decided it was time to NEVER take a bath with A2 again. It's a sad time for me because I hate letting little things like this go. They grow up so fast. Here's where you cue up the theme to Jaws in your head and I tell you my reason(s) why.

The other day I told hubby that I could see funk rolling off the baby and that if he wasn't doing anything (and he wasn't) that he should go and take a bath with the baby. After about 20 minutes of saying it over and over again hubby finally said, "FINE, will you just shut up and leave me alone already!!". (I love it when I get my way!) They get in there and they are having a fun time when all of a sudden I hear hubby screaming like a girl at the top of his lungs. I dash in there to see A2, who is at the head of the tub near the faucet with a cup in his hand, doubled over in laughter.

It didn't take much encouraging from me to see what had happened. A2 had taken that cup and filled it up with the coldest of cold water and gushed his daddy with it. I swear I bout peed my pants, 1. because A2 thought this little gem up all by himself and 2. hearing hubby scream like a bitch is just funny, I don't care who you are, it's good stuff. After all that, hubby said he was pretty sure A2 was whizzing in the water. That alone should have deterred me from ever taking a bath with him, needless to say it didn't, but that's just reason number one.

Reason number two came last weekend when hubby put A2 in the bathtub, this time alone, and I went to the kitchen to clean up our lunch mess. Somehow hubby got distracted watching television in our room, which is right outside of the bathroom where A2 was, and wasn't really paying too much attention to what A2 was actually doing. I went into the bedroom after about 15 minutes and asked hubby if he was watching the baby. He "claims" he was listening to him the whole time and could hear him splashing and playing cars. Next thing I know A2 has gotten out of the tub and with one of his notorious scowls on his face babbled something along the lines of, "hey jackasses get in here and look at what I've left for you. Top that suckas, booyah!". Now keep in mind he didn't really say that (he's only 2) but after I stepped into the bathroom to find a turd and a half sitting there in the bottom of my tub, that's what I interpreted it as.

Now I will say that after he decided to drop a deuce in my tub he was at least kind enough to let the water out so I (yes I not his stupid daddy) wouldn't have to fish around for them or stand there in utter disgust waiting for the water to drain so I could pluck them out. After I got the tissue and deposited the turds to the proper receptacle I had to scrub the tub and then put A2 back in and give him a real bath all the while cursing hubby dearest under my breath. 1. because he wasn't watching the baby the first time and 2. because why in the hell do I always get shit detail??

You'd a thought THAT was enough to keep me out of the tub with him right there wouldn't you? Well, I'm a glutton and here it is, reason number three. I decided to take a bath with him just the other day and THAT bath there will be the last. I was trying to save time because I needed to pick up A1 at school and I figured taking a bath together would make things go a lot smoother. Well, I was wrong. We get in and all he wants to do is crank the cold cold cold water into the tub and gush me in the face with it. I couldn't take it so I snatched the cups away from him and threw them outside of the tub. Luckily he's just like his daddy and easily distracted. He started playing with some green foamy stuff that you squirt on yourself and rub in. It's apparently got some sort of cleaning properties to it but I'm not convinced. It kinda smells like ass to me but oh well he was enjoying it.

After a little bit I'm trying to get the shampoo out of my hair when he decides he wants to come over and punch me in the left boob while I've got my head down in the water and my eyes closed! What the hell!? He calls them boo boos and for some reason has become obsessed with them over the past couple of weeks and nope, he's a bottle baby not a titty baby. I'm convinced it's inbred into all boys, it just hit him early. Anyway, after wincing in pain from both the boob shot and the shampoo in my eyes, I look over to see him with his tiny ass hovered just above the water with this weird look on his face. "OH NO YOU DON'T!!" I yelled and that if he so much as THOUGHT about going potty in the tub I was going to dunk his little ass under.

Oh but he wasn't planning on doing that at all. All he was planning on doing was just farting and falling over into the water from laughing at himself and the bubbles that were splashing up on his butt. He did this not once but twice. Needless to say I wasn't still in the tub for his encore presentation. I'd had all I could stand and got out. It was at that moment I knew in my heart I could never again bathe with my tubturding fartmeister precious little baby again.

Can you really blame me though? Didn't think so! Happy weekend out there in blog land. I'm off to scare up some grub and kick back on the couch for a fun filled night of doing nothing but watching TV. Only three days left until American Idol!!

Come on say it with me, "W0hoo0T!!!"