Friday, January 4, 2008

TV Junkie

Is it January 15th yet? American Idol comes back on that date and I can't wait because I'm such a TV addict. I'm going through a little bit of withdrawals right now though because for no apparent reason! my stupid DVR decided to flip out today and reset itself therefore wiping out everything we had on tape as well as our whole recording schedule. WTF!!?? I feel like I've lost part of my soul or something. Sad I know.

I've spent the last hour trying to remember what time and channel all the shows come on that we usually watch because I've gotten so spoiled to just hitting the menu button and them being there. It's kind of like having your cell phone wiped out and you need to call somebody but damned if you know their phone number because you're so use to just hitting their name or speed dial number to call them. I picked up a land line the other day to call my husband and, no lie, hit "4" and just stood there. I'm not going to admit to how long I stood there though. (Don't tell anybody that or I'll deny it.) Anyway, I never watch live TV anymore. I didn't even know Supernanny was back on until I saw that I had two of them in my DVR this morning. I didn't get to see either of them because of our little glitcharoo though. If I miss something else that I really wanted to see I'm calling Comcast and somebody's getting a cussin'.

It's hard to find something good to watch these days as it is because of the writer's strike and all. I'm not sure what those guys want but I say give them whateverthehell they want and give it to them like yesterday!! I need some good TV dammit!! I did see that there was just one, ONE, episode of Desperate Housewives left and that there were going to be a lot of loose ends. Give me an effing break! They leave enough loose ends as it is for the season finales I'm not sure I can handle loose ends indefinitely!

The best thing to come out of the writer's strike is that I get a little more of my reality TV that I'm freaking addicted to and that drives my husband crazy and I'm a little ashamed of. The Biggest Loser started New Year's Day all over again right after they wrapped the last group the other day. They never start another group that fast. I've only watched two seasons of that show but I'm going to be watching it again this time because it helps me get my fat ass downstairs to work out. (By the way, I haven't worked out yet this new year! Sad sad sad.) Another good show to come out of the strike, a fall season of Big Brother that's set to start in February! Woofreakinghoo! Only my most favorite show evah!!!

Switching gears here to something that has taken the place of my TV watching when I find a spare minute and that is (I'm blushing from embarrassment here) reading a couple of gossip websites (see Time Well Wasted over there <--------) about which celebrity is pregnant today or heading into rehab or flashing their crotch for all the world to see and they have been bombarded with nothing but Britney today, well more than usual today.

I was reading some of my favorite blawgs tonight and one of them really summed up what I too was thinking about the whole Britney situation. You can read it yourself here. I'm going to copy and paste his post within this one. Keep in mind that this is NOT my writing but I agree 100% with him. If you've never checked out the Blogs Better Than Mine list over there <------ you really should. They write some pretty good stuff.

Post below written by Dad Gone Mad on his blog.

I’m sitting here this morning wondering when our senses of compassion and respect deteriorated to this point.

When did we become so callous and heartless that we started to view a young mother struggling with a mental illness as entertainment?

When did we stop trying to empathize?

When did we find ourselves so miserable with our own existences that we started to distract ourselves by watching someone else fall apart live on TMZ?

I hear the feeble attempts at logic.

When she decided to become an entertainer, she gave up her right to privacy.

Oh, I see. So because she's makes her living in a spotlight, she can never leave it. Even when that light irrefutably reveals that she's unwell, that she needs help, that the decent and humane thing to do would be to turn the light off and leave her alone, we refuse.

And let's not stop at simply broadcasting her breakdown; let's taunt her on her way down. Let's call her "Unfitney" and repost pictures of her crotch and act as though we have been personally effected by someone else's breakdown.

If it bleeds, it leads.

Better her than me.

I’m sitting here this morning wondering if anyone else sees more than one tragedy here.

Britney obviously needs help and everyone, including myself, that keeps refreshing the pages of these sites are only feeding into her downfall. Sure she's chosen to live her life in the spotlight but the last time I checked she was just a simple girl with two boys and no real support system to help her out. I'm embarrassed to admit to reading every single article that comes out about the girl like it's the most important thing in the world but tonight I think I'll say a prayer for her. She really needs it, that or maybe just some good TV to keep her occupied.