Friday, January 25, 2008

(Un)Comfortably Numb

What the voices inside my head are singing screaming today:

Hello.Hello. Hello.

Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me.

Is there anyone home?

(Any attempt at making this post coherent are purely coincidental and should be read with the knowledge that I've had about two hours sleep in two days and that wasn't all at once but in 15-30 minute bursts!)

I always knew I wouldn't make it as an every or even every other day blog poster. Just too much shit going on that sucks up my spare time. (Damn you TMZ!) I should really go back and revise that resolution of mine that said I wouldn't let more than a couple of days go by without updating to say something along the lines of not letting more than about 11 days go by. That I can probably keep up with.

This has been one crazy week and I'm not even exaggerating. A2 started coughing sometime around Sunday when we were home visiting the parental units and by the time we got home late Monday night it was all over for me/him/us in general. Tuesday he spent the day being quiet (so not like him) and not playing as much as he usually does. Still just coughing though. By Wednesday it hadn't gotten any better but it wasn't horrible. I didn't take him to preschool because I'm not one of THOSE moms that take their kids to school with the snotty noses and hacking coughs and swear that it's not contagious. Whatthehellever ladies that do that, keep their little butts at home!

Anyway it wasn't until Wednesday night that ultra clingy, miserably uncomfortable, coughing up a lung, low grade fever hell broke out. It's been determined that I suck at keeping my resolutions so of course A2 is still sleeping in the bed with me and his daddy. Needless to say by the time the crud kicked into overdrive that night we were all up playing musical side of the bed. A2 could not get comfortable all night. He wanted to waller all over the bed but the worst part was that he wanted to be right up against me or his daddy with our faces pressed against his own. Normally that would be considered a sweet gesture but since he was hacking up both lungs and sneezing every five seconds right into our faces it wasn't pretty. I must admit that I whispered into his ear to go lay near daddy at least 10 times. I'm probably going to catch it anyway, so why not spread the mucus love!

All joking aside I felt so sorry for the little guy. He has never ever been this sick before and it broke my heart to see his little eyes so droopy and weak. Thursday morning I decided to call the doctor to see if he could squeeze him in for a quick visit or at least call him something into the pharmacy. You have to understand the doctors office I deal with to appreciate my frustration yesterday. (Picture an office full of incompetent hyenas with a raging case PMS and dumbshititis to boot.) I was running on about 15 minutes of total sleep and my child was laying around sick as crap so I was in no mood for bullshit.

I called up there and naturally they couldn't see him. That's fine because I know it's cold and flu season and they were probably covered up. The receptionist said I would need to leave a message and someone would get back to me. Normally that too would be fine but these people are notorious for NEVER returning phone calls and using the lame ass excuse that they never got the message. It's happened to me at least three times. It wouldn't be so bad but on the machine you have to leave name, date of birth, weight, symptoms, mother's maiden name, phone numbers to be reached at, last bowel movement and the name of the guy who sang that song in that movie about blowing up stuff. It's ridiculous. All this information has to go somewhere but they claim to never get it.

I called the first time at 12 and waited until 3 to try it again since I hadn't heard a thing, they close at 4, and the clingyness had kicked into high gear. I swear I was sitting on the toilet with him in my lap at one point. If he wasn't sleeping he wanted me to pack him everywhere I went - everywhere. I couldn't let him go on feeling this bad so the next time when I called I used my Jedi mind tricks on the receptionist and at the end of our four minute conversation she and I were best friends, she could practially see how cute A2 was over the phone, and I'm pretty sure she would have been willing to drive some meds to my house on her own time. She told me she would personally take down all of his information and give the message directly to the doctor. I can be very charming. Shocking I know.

After a little while the nurse did call me back and we got some meds called in for him. Just to check I asked her if she got all my information off the answering machine, because I'm not one to let things go, and, get this, she said she didn't have a record of me calling into the answering machine but that the doctor gave her my number and information. WTF??!! I was pretty sure she was lying and had she not been willing to call something in for us at the time I swear I could have reached through the phone and punched her in the throat for it. These jackasses need to seriously check into a new answering system or at least get nuts enough about them to admit that they didn't want to or aren't competent enough to deal with all their calls and if you aren't willing to put in more than one call then sorry bout your damn luck. I'd much rather hear that if it's the truth other than some bullshit story about the message never getting there. Oh sorry, I digress.

Last night was a much better night compared to Wednesday night. A2 was a trooper and took his Tylenol for fever and later he took some of the medicine that we picked up for him to help with the coughing and congestion. I'm pretty sure he would have slept for pretty much the entire night but some time around 3 in the morning we checked his temperature and it was back up to around 103. As much as we hated to do it, we woke him up to get some more Tylenol in him. His dad and I sat up with him checking his and our temperature with about four different thermometers at least a thousand times until A2's finally went down to 100 point something. That was hubby's cue to give up and try to get some sleep. Naturally A2 was wide awake so he and I turned on the TV and watched some Spongebob until about 4:15 when he finally decided to call it a night himself. I finally fell asleep about 20 or 30 minutes later but kept waking up to feel his back and head.

I'm happy to say he hasn't had any more fever and slept until he woke up on his own at around 10:30 this morning and it's well after noon right now. He even woke up in better spirits but our new problem is the never ending glob of yellowish snot that is now occupying his entire left nostril. I tried to squeeze it out with a tissue once but he decided he wanted to fight me on it and scrubbed his face along the entire length of my pillow smearing about a six inch line of slime all over it. Guess I'll be changing sheets later or switching pillows with hubby, we'll see how the day goes and what I have time for. I'm thinking a bath for both me and A2 will take priority over a lot of stuff since we both smell and look like crap.

Other than dealing with a sick baby there really hasn't been much going on around here. A1 has been a perfect angel and I feel bad that he's been left to hang out on his own for most of the week. He has offered to watch the baby while I take a shower or cook a few times. Too bad the baby wouldn't let him though.

In between episodes of Spongebob I've watched a little bit of TV. I'm hooked on this new show on VH1 called Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. It's crazy and you should watch it sometime. I think it actually comes on Thursday nights but I just catch the repeats. I'm looking forward to Big Brother starting again in February. I actually saw the first promo for it over the weekend. I love love love this show. I just hope they don't do an all star cast like they did the time before last. I like it when they start will all new people.

I've been watching American Idol as well. I can't wait for all the bogus auditions to be over though and they get down to the Hollywood shows. I'd much rather see that than the stupid asses dressed in funky clothes that just want their 15 seconds of fame on television. It's really not that funny anymore. More like lame.

I discovered a new show that now takes up about 25% of my DVR because I haven't watched it since that one time I caught it in the morning and that is Charmed. Why is it I jump on all these shows after they've wrapped up? I've finally seen every single episode of The Sopranos and I'm starting to work my way through Will and Grace since I got some of those for Christmas.

There is a couple of things one thing on my resolution list that I'm putting in pretty good effort towards and that is getting A2 to use the potty. He's actually asking on his own to go and I'm pretty stoked about that. I knew if I just waited him out he'd pretty much break himself.

I jumped on the scale yesterday and guess what it said? 137.9 for a split second before going back to 138 w00T!! Hold on and I'll go weigh right now.....138 exactly. Oh well it's better than the 141 that wouldn't budge a week ago. I'm actually surprised it went down instead of up since my daddy thought he'd sabotage my efforts by sending me home with a plate full of cake that my grandmother made! She makes about five or six, or maybe even more than that, cakes each year around Christmas and freezes them until she finished with them all at once. Then she takes them out and cuts them all and everybody gets huge chunks of each kind. It's pretty freaking awesome if you think about it. Homemade cake, come on!! It has to be illegal or something to make so many cakes and send them home for people like me who stood in the kitchen yesterday eating the entire chunk of red velvet and carrot and a little bit of the jam cake right off the plate.....for breakfast.

I'm off to give A2 a bath now before my entire house starts to smell like sour baby. I'm hoping it prompts him to take a nap because I'm sleepy as crap right now if you couldn't tell from the mindless rambling. I'm not use to running on two hours sleep for two least not without some vodka and jello shooters.


Momo Fali said...

My son just got better...literally this morning...after five days of high fever and a rash. He's been on antibiotics for a couple of days, and I guess they're finally working. But, guess who has a temperature now? Me! Cool. Nothing got done all week while he was clinging to me, and now nothing will get done because I feel like poo. One of many parenting joys!

I'm DeeDee said...

yes, parenting does come with some pretty awesome perks! i hope you feel better soon and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i don't catch it and better yet that hubs doesn't because he'll be more of a baby than A2 ever could be!!