Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Resolutions I'll Probably Never Keep

Happy New Year out there. Anybody out there as glad as I am that the holidays are FINALLY over? So much hustle and bustle leading up to the minutes in which the paper is ripped off the packages, the gifts tossed to the side, the food scarfed down, the new year rang in and now what?? The holiday break is awesome with the guys being home and I love the hell out of them but I'm counting the minutes in which the kids go back to school and the husband goes back to work and I can get a freaking minutes peace around here to be able to complete a thought without interruption!

Don't get me wrong, it's been a lot of fun hanging out with the guys and making different types of goodies and gorging ourselves on them but I'm kind of a routine girl and when the routine gets out of whack for this amount of time I start to get a little crazy (read: cranky).

So what better way to kick off the new year than with a few resolutions I'd like to keep but will probably fail miserably at since it's the same list I've had for a few years now.

So in no particular order here are my resolutions for Ott 8.

Number 1 - I resolve to try and not let more than two days pass without posting here on my blawg. I started this thing to be able to vent about things that are going on and to also share things that my jumbled up mind will forget in a matter of weeks if not days or hours. I'd like to document more of what we all do as a family and things that my guys say that crack me up and that I'd like to have a record of to use against them when they get a little older. (FYI: Being Super Mom will NOT be on this list since I blew that five minutes into the new year. Why set myself up for a sure fired failure? I'm not stupid!)

Number 2 - Since I've been bitching and moaning for at least a good year about wanting to lose some weight I'm really really planning on finishing what I started with this one. My heaviest weight after A2 was born was 160lbs. I managed to lose 10lbs of that by just general movement and by moving from one state to another. For a very long while I was at 150lbs and not happy with how I looked AT ALL. All last year I kept telling myself I was going to do something about it and hit my goal weight of 125-130lbs. I managed to get down to 140 with a whole lot of struggle. For the past couple of weeks I've staggered between 138 and 140lbs. I rang in the new year at 138.6 so that is where I am starting. I resolve to drop those last 13 pounds and finally be happy with what the scale says. Plus I still have that standing bet with my dad for that $25 iTunes card. (I haven't forgotten about that!)

Number 3 - I resolve to cut out sugary drinks such as my beloved Dr. Pepper. This one hurts! I've been drinking nothing but diet drinks for the past month or so and it's not the greatest thing in the world but I'm getting use to it. I must stick to it though in order to reach resolution Number 2. I'm not saying I won't indulge on occasion but no more than one every couple of weeks if not longer. (An insider tip for you if you like Rootbeer: Diet A&W Rootbeer is actually pretty darn good. You can't hardly tell at all it's diet. But Diet Mug Rootbeer sucks ass. I think I'd rather drink piss. Same with Diet RC. Jus' sayin'.)

Number 4 - I resolve to work out at least five times a week if not six. I know you're thinking this goes along with Number 2 and you're right to an extent. I need to work out to lose weight but I also need to work out to clear my mind and to make my body stronger. I could lose weight by dieting alone (probably) but I'm thinking that taking the time for myself to work out and get away for at least an hour and a half to two hours will drastically cut down my stress level and make me feel a lot better. I can definitely tell a difference when I'm working out on a regular basis. I have more energy and just feel better about myself in general whether or not the jeans I want to zip up actually do it. I not only want to so this to stick to Number 2 but I want to be stronger physically.

Number 5 - I resolve to spend more time with A1 doing the things he wants to do even if I have to force him! Over the past year he's gotten to where it's harder and harder to hang out with him because he's so into his own world now. He's either reading, watching TV or playing on his computer and while there's nothing wrong with any of that, I want to have more personal interaction with him this year before he goes off into high school and it's a total lost cause. We have always had a tight bond and I would die if we ever lost that. I remember how it was when I was his age and how I knew it all and everybody else was an idiot. I want him to know that I'm there for him and he can talk to me about anything, still. (Please don't let this mean I am going to have to play Risk with him over twice though! I.Hate.That.Stupid.Game. That alone could be the downfall of this one.)

Number 6 - I resolve to have A2 sleeping in his own bed on a regular two year olds sleeping schedule (No more going to bed at 1 a.m. and getting up at 11 a.m. except on school days when he gets up at 9) and to have him crapping in the toilet by the time he turns three in July. This one will be a toughie. I have ALWAYS been a night owl and so has he. He goes to preschool two days a week and I manage to get him up and there by 9:30 but it's not pretty some mornings. Hubby fusses at me all the time to make him go to bed at a decent hour and to get him up no later than 9 in the morning pretty much every single day. I just smile and nod (then roll my eyes when he turns around). As far as the crapping goes, he'll crap in the toilet for his daddy but for some reason he doesn't like it when I'm in there. Probably because I make faces and grunt at him with my face all scrumched up to "drop the lunks already!!". Come on, how long can I be expected to sit there on that cold tiled floor while he spins all the toilet paper off the roll into the floor? Kudos to his daddy for making him "doo doo" in the pot more than me. I'll work on it though. So far this year - Hubby 2 Me 0.

Number 7 - I resolve to work on my relationship with my husband. We have a good marriage but there are times in which you could say I take it all for granted. I mean come on, I'm a stay at home mom and my job is to take care of my husband and children. I have to admit I put about 89% of my focus on the children and the house and leave him out sometimes without meaning to do it. In all seriousness I need to work on this one. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't live the life that I do. I come and go as I please, meaning if Friend 1 or Friend 2 calls me up and wants to go shopping at any given time during the week I'm there. If I mention wanting something either for myself or the boys my husband will get it if not then, then after I've whined about it enough. He's always thinking about us and our needs and carries the weight of our financial needs all by himself. I guess I should have put this one at the top of the list but they aren't really in any sort of order.

Number 8 - I resolve to take the time necessary to rekindle relationships with family and friends that have slipped away over the years. It took the passing of my great-grandmother the week before Christmas for me to realize that I have so many members of my family that I no longer have any contact with for no reason other than sheer laziness. If I can't communicate with them via email or telephone what's to stop me from sending them a card in the mail just to say hello? Umm, nothing. This one will take effort because I'm such a lazy ass. Which leads me to....

Number 9 - I resolve to not be such a lazy ass. I won't elaborate on this one too much because I'll for sure be eating this one. Lazy is as lazy does. For one, I'd like to take more pictures of the places we go and of just things my guys do in general. I was doing really good there for a while, actually a little obsessive and then I just quit. I'd like to find that happy medium in which I take pictures of both A1 and A2 as well as pictures of me with them. Every since I've felt like the Goodyear Blimp I haven't taken hardly any pictures with either of them and that's stupid on my part. I want to change that this year and post them up for my friends and family to see but most importantly for them to have later in life. Who cares if I look a little fluffy in them? (Ok, I do. That's why the final 13 MUST COME OFF!!)

Number 10 - This one is crazy but I resolve to start watching Days of Our Lives every single day again this year. I've watched Days since I was about 11 or 12 years old with my cousin Banana. She was about two years older than me and wouldn't ever play with me or do anything until after that show went off so I had to sit there with her and be quit while she watched it. I managed to get hooked and I've watched it every since until this past year. I got so fed up with the stupid ass story lines and the jackass characters (did I say I wasn't going to swear as much? Shit, may as well scratch that one off the list if I did or make sure not to add it if I haven't already.) that I stopped watching it and would only read the weekly summary on my favorite Days site here on the Innernet. I've watched it for so long that the characters feel like members of my family and I miss them. (Maybe getting mental help should have proceeded this one but I'll save that one for next year's list.)

Number 11 - I resolve to not be so dependent on my iPod and to stop stealing downloading any as much music from Limewire. You know how if you wear a watch every day but forget it one day how you feel naked? Well I feel like that if I don't have my iPod. I may not listen to it all the time but I've got to have it within arms reach at all times. I have a new addiction now anyway, my husband got me a Wii for Christmas and it's the shiz right now!

Ok, I could go on but I'm not. I'll save the rest for next year or maybe even the year after that. I'm not in any real rush. Besides if I keep adding stuff to this list it'll only make me feel bad thinking about all the shit I need to change in my life. So lets just see how long I make it with the stuff I've got up right now.
Here's to the new year and to making a real effort and to snagging that $25 iTunes sooner rather than later from my daddy or I'll be breaking Number 11 in no time.

Recap of the weight as of today - 138.8!

What about you? Any resolutions you'd like to share? You can leave comments you know. I promise not to bite or make fun!