Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mini Me and Other Junk

It's one thing when your child starts to talk. And it's another when they walk around copying everything you say. But, when he starts using the things you say in his own daily "conversation", it's a little disconcerting. Mainly because in my case, it makes me think that I sound like a 14 year old girl at a sleepover party.

At 20+ months now A2 has picked up a few words here and there and even though it still sounds mostly like jibberish, I can understand at least a little bit of what he is saying. I fully understand what he's saying when he points to the television and screams Bob Bob that Spongebob is either on or should be turned on pronto. He can let us know that he wants come juice. And he loves to ask "what are you doin?".

I realized it when I heard him tell me "blahblahblah, kay?" the other day that I seriously need to reconsider some of my phrasings. At first, I couldn't figure out what he said. And then I thought about it, and realized what it was. And worse, I knew why - because I say that all the time. Not the blahblahblah part but the emphasis of "kay" at the end of my sentences. His other favorite thing to do is to walk around with my cell phone mashed up against his head jabbering, "whhhutarreeyoooodoin'?", "mmkkay", "byeee". Again, he sees me doing it and he's just mimicking.

The final straw was when we were in the kitchen and I dropped a cup that I was trying to put in the cabinet. I caught myself before I said anything other than, "OH, Crr". I was going to say "Oh crap" but since he was right there I didn't. Guess what? It didn't stop him from saying it. Yes, my little 20 month old said, "Ooooh, bap!". That friends translates into "Oh crap". If I didn't know any better I would wash my own mouth out with soap. Just last night he found another use for the word crap that was pretty funny. He likes to come downstairs with us while we work out. It's fun for him to run around and since we don't spend a whole lot of time down there he likes to case the place for any candy that may be laying around.

Last night he hit the jackpot. On the end table he found a bucket, yes bucket, of bubble gum. He climbed up there, got him a couple of pieces and promptly brought them to us to unwrap. His Daddy bit off a tiny piece and gave it to him to chew up. When he was done with it he threw it in the trash. This was not his first experience with bubble gum thanks to his Daddy.

Anyway, after he threw away his piece naturally he wanted more. I didn't want to keep filling him up with sugar since we work out at night so I gave him a tiny bit of my ABC gum. He put it in his mouth, chewed it a second, took it out, looked at it and said..."dissssnnnttsss bap!" Hubby and I busted out laughing because we heard it as, "this is crap!" He didn't want gum that had already been chewed. He wanted the fresh stuff. We have seriously got to watch what we say around this child. It's one thing for him to pick it up from A1 or his Daddy but from his mother...come on!

And while I'm thankful he's not cursing or calling names yet, it's a bit surprising to hear your own "colloquialisms" thrown out on a daily basis - particularly from someone so small. So my new plan is to start using big $1 words - like "bucolic" or "loquacious".

Guess I'll have to stop watching The Real World too, huh? Crap!

Workout progress is moving along nicely. I ran on the treadmill Thursday night, skipped Friday to download songs from Limewire, and ran yesterday in my new running shoes Hubby dear bought for me. Weighed this morning and I'm at 146 and holding. I put on the pair of jeans I've been salivating to wear and they button and I could get away with wearing them but they are just a wee, ok a lot, tight across the hiney but they would button which is a far cry from what they would do three months ago. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that in two weeks I'll be able to wear my favorite jeans with no trouble at all. Feels good to be back in my routine.

Wanna know how to spell awesome? A1. Hubby and I needed to run some errands yesterday and A1 wasn't interested in going at all so he stayed home. I figured he would just sit around and watch television and play on the computer while we were gone and then gripe about how long it took us when we got back. Nope, I was wrong. Guess what he did? That child vacuumed and mopped the floors for his mother. I know! Pretty freaking awesome huh? How'd I get so lucky? I'm guessing it had something to do with the little heart to heart he and his dad had the night before about getting more flies with honey than vinegar. A1 had an attitudinal flare up the day before and needed to be reminded of a few things. Ahhh, preteens. I'm thinking the fact that I spent the last three days in a row playing board games with him helped a little bit too. Either way, I was so proud of him.

Wanna know how to spell goofy? A2. That child cracks me up and it scares me because as I said before he's a scaled down version of his mother, dad, and brother all in one. Are we that silly? As you may or may not know, we've been working on the potty training, barely, but still working on it a little bit. He likes to whiz in the potty cup but will only do it if you hold it right up against him. He hasn't mastered sitting down on it or standing over it. Every time he tries to sit down on his potty chair it flips him out in the floor. Pretty funny stuff.

I'm waiting out the warmer weather so he can just go pee on trees. That worked for A1 but hubby is sticking to the potty chair pretty good. We were in Wal-mart Friday and hubby dear decided to pick up one of the potty seats that just fits on top of your toilet thinking that he would take to that better since he watches us use the toilet every single time we need to go. Anyway, it's blue and has Spongebob and Patrick on it so why wouldn't he want to sit on it and do his business? He doesn't want to sit on it because it's so freaking high up in the air that's why! Plus it has cool pictures on it and it's a lot more fun to pack it around and point out to his mother that Bob Bob is on it every five seconds. We should have gotten the plain white one.

The funniest thing though was last night. I went to the bathroom and of course he was right there so I finished and put the new seat on the toilet, hoisted him up there and reassured him he wasn't going to fall in. No luck. He wanted down immediately. Fine. I obliged and went back into the living room. Two minutes later here comes A2 from out of my bedroom with his new potty seat............ Stuck.Around.His.Neck.

I kid you not. What would make him think that the potty seat would serve a much better purpose dangling from his neck? He started to fuss because naturally it went on a lot easier than it was going to come off. What did I do? My options were to race to him in a concerned manner to remove the toilet seat from his head or, better yet, yell for A1 to get the camera between massive belly laughs. I got at least five pictures and a good hearty laugh. Hubby had to pull the seat from this child's head because I was so tickled. I know, I'm a bad mom (just sometimes).

Next up I'll tell you how excited I am about my upcoming girls only weekend and how bored I am with American Idol, this season is hands down worst.season.ever!