Tuesday, March 13, 2007

She Shops.....She Scores!!

Ok, so I had a severe bout of cabin fever the other day and HAD to get out of the house before I went insane. A2 and I loaded up and hit the road. We went to Old Navy and I'm really disappointed in their baby boy selection. It's small and shoved in the back section. The baby girl section is huge and takes up about three times the space that the boy stuff does. Whatever. They didn't have anything new that A2 didn't already have in his closet so I ventured over to the sale side.

PAY DIRT! There was a rack that had pants on it for.......$1.97. I bout shit my pants when I saw it. I found a pair of black cargo pants that was the soft feeling material, another black pair that were regular material, a camouflage pair in the soft material (for around the house), and a pair of skinny jeans all for less than two bucks a piece. Oh, yes, I said skinny jeans. That just means they were the ones that fit the leg closer and they tapered in as they got to the ankle. Not that my ass is skinny or anything. I also found a tank top for the same price. I was giddy when I went to the checkout with all my stuff and it was only $10.44. Hell yeah!

Left there and we went to Gymboree to see if there was anything new for A2. Nope. I really do over buy for that kid. Don't tell my husband I admitted that though. Gave up on finding him something after we went to Gap and there was still nothing he didn't already have there.

Stopped into Aeropostale for A1, he's all about the label these days, and found him a couple of shirts for less that $5 each. I'm a rocking shopper. Yes, I may over buy but I NEVER pay full retail! I came home with two bags with a total of seven items inside them for less than $20. How can hubby fuss about that??!!!

Shopping rocks. I'll have to get out again this week and save us even more money!

Love you Honey!