Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Love My Life

It's already been established I'm not up for Mom Of The Year or anything like that but the past two, make that three, days have definitely upped my chances. Sunday was just an average day around here and I wanted to make it special for A1. He is such a great kid and has such a sweet loving heart that I feel bad sometimes when A2 steals the spotlight. I try to go out of my way to do things with A1 but he's creeping ever so closely to those teenage years that he's not going to want to hang out with me so much very soon. I asked hubby if his feelings would be hurt if I left him home with A2 and took A1 to see a movie. Since he's the best husband in the world he said go ahead.

After I made some lunch A1 and I sat down and tried to decide on a movie. I already knew what he wanted to see (Norbit) and I considered using my super Jedi mom skills to sway his decision (Dead Silence) but held back because it was all about him. For a second there it looked like he was going to pick Dead Silence but no luck.

We left and had a nice chat on the way there. Got our tickets, loaded up on junk even though we had just finished lunch and settled in. He loved the movie. He was laughing his tush off all the while scarfing down Twizzlers. I thought it was OK, it had some funny parts to it. It was nice to not have to engage any brain cells to follow along.

Yesterday rocked because A1 came home with his report card and even though there was a discrepancy on it, he once again had straight A's. My children are so S-M-R-T! Because I'm such a sucker for my children I decided to go swimming with the family last night. We went to the athletic club a week or so ago and the guys swam while I watched. I wasn't ready to embarrass myself so my clothes stayed on! Last night I didn't care. I threw on a tank top and some of hubby's swimming trunks and we had a great time. All four of us swam around, playing, being goofy. A2 takes to the water like a little fish. He was trying to float on his back like me and had the most fun jumping off the top of the ladder to his daddy. A1 and I raced across the pool underwater and he smoked me. Big o'l girl doesn't swim as fast as she use too! I'm working on it. After a while we moved over to the hot tub and it felt amazing!

Today I'm A2's hero. He's addicted to Popsicles and since the pop-tart I tried to give him for breakfast (don't judge, he won't eat ANYTHING!) wasn't hitting the spot I caved and he's sitting here beside me watching Backyardigans with purple Popsicle (#2) juice running down his chin.

I love my kids!

I should be up cleaning my house instead of sitting here blogging but I'll get around to it. I'm excited because this Friday I leave for St. Louis with two of my super girlfriends for our annual shopping trip. For the past three or so years in March we take one weekend and spend the night somewhere, shop all day on Saturday and then come home exhausted and broke. Can't.Wait. It's going to be so great not having to worry about anything other than where we want to eat. Did I say I can't wait?!! I was hoping to have dropped a couple of more pounds before the trip but I feel good with where I am right now. I'm making progress and LOVE it. I found yet another pair of jeans I can wear in my closet the other day when A1 and I went to the movies and I am soo going to wear them on Saturday! There are still about 20 pair of jeans to go. I did mention I was a jeans whore right?

I love jeans!

Got to go call my husband, it's after lunch time and I haven't bugged him all day. What am I thinking?! He'll think something is wrong with me. It's a wonder he gets anything accomplished at work but I get bored sometimes and just want to chat with him. I was suppose to get up and make him breakfast this morning but snoozed right through it all. Best part about that, he let me without any fuss and kissed me on the head before he left.

I love my husband!