Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fell off the Frikkin' Wagon

Hello My Name is....And I Suck At Working Out!

Wonder why I haven't mentioned working out or my weight loss project in the past couple weeks or so? It's cuz I fell off the wagon and haven't been doing it. Today is the day though that I recommit to all of you and promise to stay on track. I haven't been horrible. We actually made it up to the athletic club and played racquetball the other day and it was so much fun.

A1 loved it so much he's addicted now. That will motivate me to go play with him now because if I don't then all I will hear every five minutes from him will be, "Mom, can we go play racquetball?" or "When can we go back to the PAC, Mom?". Seriously, every.five.minutes! If nothing else he is persistent.

I feel bad for slipping but I have had good reason. I wasn't able to work out for one week for sure and last week I didn't want to push, plus last week seemed to be shorter by about 25 to 30 hours. It flew by!

I'm doing pretty good about eating better. I'm eating Raisin Bran for breakfast/lunch and a smaller portion of whatever I make for supper. That Raisin Bran will clean you out buddy. There is a challenge on the side of the box that says eat 2 to lose 10. I can only eat one bowl a day, otherwise I'd spend about an hour on the shitter everyday. Did I mention that it will clean you out? I found this yummy water at Sam's the other day. It's new from Tropicana and I can down that stuff without skipping a beat. I'm not a big fan of water by itself so I have to find the flavored ones. These only have 4 grams of sugar in them and don't have the tart aftertaste that some waters have. Haven't been doing so good on giving up the Dr. Pepper though. That stuff is what I imagine crack would be like if I had ever tried it. Can't.Live.Without.It. I try to only have one glass a day though.

I'm pretty comfortable in my size 10 jeans right now. They fit good, no overflow and I can breathe in them. I can actually wear an 8 if they have the fabulous word Stretch on them somewhere. I found four pair of pants at Old Navy the other day and bought them all in 8, only one had stretch and I wore them out shopping. Hubby like the view from behind and that was awesome! I'm at 146 and would like to drop about 16 more pounds in a perfect world but would settle for 10. My goal is to fit into the 8's with a little room to spare.

I've loaded up my iPod with some rocking workout music and it's back to business. I ran on the treadmill last night for 30 minutes and tried to do some floor work. Tried, because Hubs brought A2 down there and he thought it was hilarious to run and pounce on me every five seconds. Oprah said that people who blog about their weight loss regimes were more likely to stick to it. That may be true if it were strictly a diet blog but I have too much other junk to blog about. I'll try it though. Wish me luck. I want to reach my goal by May 21st.