Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Multislacking Is My Forte

Here it is almost 4 in the afternoon and guess what I have gotten accomplished today? Absofreakinglutely nothing. Oh wait, I take that back. I managed to take a shower today because I was pretty stinky. I contemplated taking the boys to the park since A1 got out of school early today but (thank the Lord) it was raining cats and dogs this afternoon. I dished out rain checks and took them to Wendy's for a healthy (rolling eyes here) lunch. I'm a cool mom like that.

Not much new around here except another television my husband came wagging home yesterday. We are such TV freaks around here. No exaggeration needed here. He justified buying yet another one by saying it would motivate him more to clean up and organize if he had one in his garage. Riiiiight. He should have just came clean and said "look honey, I just want to spend our money on a TV so I can have one more option as to where I can waste time away from the crap you watch". That would have been dead on. This brings our tally up to 10 working televisions we have in our house. Yep, 10. That's counting the one we have in the shitter. Don't believe me. Go back a few posts to where A2 bit the soap, you can see it on the counter in the background. Did I mention we were TV freaks!? Next purchase he wants to make.......a smaller one for his office. **Sigh** I love him and he lets me shop for kid clothes all the time so what can I say?!

Tuesday night we watched yet another chilling display of non-talent from the faux hawked Sanjaya. It doesn't even make me mad any more that he's on there. If that kid can pull of looking like a complete dumbass all the while sucking as bad as he does, yet still get paid for it because he's going on tour. More power to you brother! I don't even care who wins this time. I just watch to see how much more of a spectacle Sanjaya is going to make of himself. It's almost as if he's deliberately thumbing his nose at America with each new week. That mowhawk screamed "screw you" in my opinion. I'm thinking once he's gone the ratings may take a pummeling. Just saying. By the way, I'm so going to rock the seven ponytailed mowhawk for the hubby. I might even wear it when I go see my parents and they want to go out to eat. Fair warning guys!

I'm probably going to jail anyway so it won't matter what my stupid hair looks like. I'm addicted to freaking Limewire. That's part of my problem today. I've sat here on my ass and downloaded over 20 songs today. I now have 905 songs on my iAppendage. Somebody had the entire Greatest Hits of The Doobie Brothers CD loaded on their computer so what did i do.....copied every single song. Friggin' A!!!! Last night I got me some Donna Summer, The Fugees and Robert Plant and the Honeydrippers. I.Can't.Quit. Is there a meeting for this I can go to somewhere?

I should be giving A2 a bath. I'm guessing that if I don't do it soon he's going to start drawing flies. He couldn't look any more like an orphan if he tried. It's warm here, the doors are open, he's running in and out chasing the cat with a squirt bottle with nothing but a t-shirt on that is stained with pink popsicle, grape juice and something brown. His knees are skint, his hair needs to be cut and he smells like a wet puppy. I bought him chicken nuggets for lunch and he still hasn't eaten the first one. He thought they would serve a much better purpose if he beamed them up against his brother's head. Lets just pray Child Protective Services aren't in the neighborhood. My kids are nuts today. I'm going to have to find the duct tape because A2's figured out he can rip his diaper off with minimal effort and thinks it's funny as hell to see my reaction. I'll fix his wagon.

Worked out Monday night like a crazy person. I did a 20 minute run and pushed myself on the Bowflex of Doom. I noticed it didn't take as much effort as usual to lift the weight. I may bump each side up five pounds tonight. I didn't work out last night because I was sore from Monday and Limefreakingwire held it's evil power over me. Plus I had to help Hubby take the television out of the playroom so the new one could go in there and the old one to the garage. It took forever to unhook and hook back up all the stupid video game systems they have back there.

Going to give my child a bath now before my ass permanently molds to the shape of this spot on the couch. Wonder if I could con A1 into doing it for me? I just thought of another song I want to snag from Limewire.

What I'm listening to: Minute by Minute by The Doobie Brothers, up next With or Without You by U2.


Ms. Hart said...

Hey Girlie. Do you know project playlist? You can put a stand alone player on your blog that lets ppl know what you're listening to. Pretty cool huh? Here's the link

If you want my help putting it on your blog without blowing your sidebar out let me know.

Hugs to you and those sweet boys.