Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm So Excited!!

It's almost here! Frrriiiiidddaaayyy!! Can you tell I'm excited tomorrow is Friday? I've cleaned the house like a crazy lady this week. Washed up about 100 loads of laundry, scrubbed toilets, stocked the guys up on milk and diapers and all I have to do now is find me some clothes to wear for my trip to St. Louis!

Hubby is coming home early tomorrow to stay with A2 and I'll be sitting on the curb waiting for the girls to come pick me up as soon as I see his car round the corner. I'm going to miss my guys but only in the sense that I'll call them to make sure they haven't burned down the house and to make sure they are changing A2's diapers on a regular basis. If left up to A1 and Hubby poor A2's diaper would get so full it would weigh an easy 15lbs before they changed him. I should be getting all of the pillows we own out of the closets and putting them on the floor on my side of the bed. Why? Because for some reason when I leave Hubby alone with the boys he refuses to put A2 in his own bed at night. The last time I spent the night away from them A2 slept with his daddy and fell off the bed......twice.

Been working out this week. Sweet! I actually felt so good last night after I worked out that I can't wait to do it again tonight. I started out just running on the treadmill and not doing the Bowflex last week but I've incorporated it back into the routine this week. Last night I did my 20 minutes on the Bowflex and then I ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I really really want to reach my goal by May 21st!

American Idol has officially pissed me off but will I continue to watch it?? Of course but only to see just how long Snoozejaya is actually going to last. Can you believe Howard Stern and his cronies have jumped on the vote for the worst bandwagon??!! I'm going to go out on a limb and say that after this season there will be some changes in how the voting is done or at least there should be anyway. And what the hell is up what that stupid little girl that kept crying!!! Can anyone here besides me smell a plant?? How the hell else can you explain the fact that it looked like she was OBVIOUSLY faking and on top of that she was sitting right in front of the frikkin' PRODUCER of the show. Puuhleeze! Icing on the cake....she was on the Today show this morning and she was asked whether or not she was going to the finale. I can answer that. Of freaking course she's going. Gaaawwwh!

In other TV news, A1 and I watch together from time to time this little show on the Discovery Channel called It Takes A Thief. Awesome.Show! First thing that's awesome about it is that there are these two super hot (I mean super hot) guys on it. They are ex-burglars and they go around to different neighborhoods with their camera crew and break into random houses, ransack them, take their possessions and then wait for the family to come home, realize what happened and then they confront the family. They all sit down and the family gets to watch the actual burglary take place and then they are outfitted with a kick ass alarm system and tips on how to keep other potential burglars away. It's interesting to see how a couple of little things can keep burglars at bay. The cool thing about this show is that after about a week or so of giving them their new system and teaching them how to work it, the burglars come back to see if they are implementing the new systems and try to break in again. It's amazing how many of the houses they get into again. Yes, the family gets all their stuff back but only after the burglars lay it all out on a table to see what was taken. You should check it out. Today they got about $20,000 worth of stuff from this one family and even took the dog. Brutal.

New little feature I'm adding since I'm addicted to my friggin' iPod now more than ever and I know you want to know: What am I listening to right this minute.

I'm listening to That's The Way I Like It by KC and the Sunshine Band. Up next, Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams. I'm a nerd. There are better songs....worse ones too! You'll get to see how my taste in music varies with each new post. Please contain your excitement.

Got to go pack now. **Imagine me dancing around like a fool, grinning from ear to ear** Wwwwoooootttt!!!