Friday, March 2, 2007

Quick Update

Ok, so I was wrong about which guys were going to receive their walking papers this week on Idol. I'm pretty shocked actually that Nick Pedro left this week. I just knew his looks would carry him out for at least a couple more. After thinking about it I'm pretty sure it had a little something to do with his dedication. He should have dedicated something to his dog or somebody else and let the lusting females out there at least perceive him as available. I'm guessing his loving tribute to his girlfriend made him lose some of his appeal. I didn't think he was as hot after I saw that he was in love. Just sayin'. AJ's ousting wasn't as big of a shock but I'm sure as hell not alone in the thinking that Sanjaya should have left before him! Even Paula made a comment. Give me a break. Sanjaya even knows he's way out of his league. But I digress.

I called it on the girls. I can't believe that skank Antonella is safe but then again she owes a lot of that to the worsters and probably all the horny teenage guys, or really anyone of the male persuasion. I'm sure they'd like to keep her around in the hopes of more pictures surfacing. It finally got the best of Huz last night and he had to Google up some of them. He didn't see them all but I helped him find the better part of them. He didn't see anything wrong with the pictures. He'll have fun with this with my Dad. I think I even heard him yell out "Go Tar Heels" once. (You'd have to see her picture on the basketball to get that).

K, gotta run. Don't tell anyone I'm admitting this to you but I'm being a TV surf whore right now. I've been glued to the frikkin' television all day watching Anna Nicole's funeral coverage. I had to go back to the doctor for a follow up today and....wait for it.....set MSNBC to tape while I was gone. Gaaaw, I'm such a loser sometimes! Found out though that Entertainment Tonight was actually inside and they were allowed the rights to the funeral. I.Can't.Wait. Sick I know but hey it's just between you and me right?!

Rest in Peace Anna.
Virgie Arthur - Get.A.Life.