Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It's On

So after weeks of wondering what the hell is going on with vacation we've finally made reservations and we are going to Florida! Woot!! Now I can actually get excited about it and look forward to hanging out and relaxing on the beach or just by the pool would suit me just fine.

The boys and I went today and bought new swim suits. I've concluded that I'm just going to have to be OK with being the chubby girl on the beach and I'm not going to let that ruin my fun. I found a suit for me at Wally World today that accentuates the positive (the boobs) and covers most of the negative (the fat ass) so I can live with that. It's even a two piece if you can believe that!! Besides if Britney Spears can run around on the beach showing her fat booty and all her dimples why can't I???

I did make out my new work out plan last week but here it Tuesday already and I haven't worked out since Thursday. I'm about to go down there and work out now though. Hubby brought Norbit home from Hollywood video and I'd rather jab dull butter knives into my eyeballs than to have to sit through that again. I took A1 to see it in the theater and pretended to LOVE it just for his sake. If you like fart jokes (which I usually do but these are way too forced) and crude fat humor then this movie is for you. A1 and Hubby will both chuckle the whole time.

A2 got a haircut over the weekend and looks like Spanky off the Little Rascals now. He said his name plainly for the first time yesterday. It was pretty cute. He was naming all of us and he pointed to himself and said it. Of course he hasn't said it again since. He also calls his daddy the nickname that I call him (his daddy) instead of Daddy now and that is killing the husband. I think it's so cute and pretty hilarious! I use to call my Daddy "Honey" when I was little.

I still haven't found anybody to come off of Season 3 and 4 of the Sopranos yet. I would go buy it if it were up to me but since I'm rather fond of my husband and want to keep him around for a long time to come, I'll save him the coronary and wait out somebody. The brother in law may be able to come up with them for me to have on vacation but that's yet to be seen. I'm trying to barter with him a little. He needs me to do him a huge favor so I'm guessing I might actually get to see at least one season next week. If not I've saved up some of my Seinfeld seasons.

Oh - product review time! I know you love it. This time it's an actual good review. We were at Sam's last weekend and found these drinks called Jones Soda. They were like $17 for 24. The gimmick is that they are made with pure cane sugar instead of any of the over processed junk you get in regular drinks. The case had flavors like root beer, cream soda, green apple, berry lemonade, m.f. grape (whatever the m.f. stands for) and some other flavor that was red. Let me tell you these things are like friggin liquid crack! The cream soda tastes like bubble gum and the grape is fantabulous!

I noticed that Wal-Mart carried them in a 4 pack the other day and had other flavors. We have to pace ourselves and the house rule is that no one gets one unless it's with dinner and you can only have one every other day. Otherwise we'd guzzle them down all at once. Not kidding, if you like fruity drinks then these are pretty darn good. They have funny pictures on the bottles of real people (they are glass so you have to be careful with them if you have little ones in the house). You can even send in a picture of yourself and they may use it on a bottle. I thought they were pretty neat. Highly recommend them!

My next thing to try and review will be Aveeno's Positively Smooth. I heard about this from a friend and she said that she has used it off and on for the past month or so and can tell a difference. She said if someone used it everyday then it would probably be a lot better. Supposedly you use this lotion on your legs and it retards the growth of the hair. It doesn't make it stop completely but it somehow lessens it and makes the amount of time in between shaves longer. I haven't bought it yet because it's about $7 a bottle and the husband was with me when I saw it. He bout passed out when he saw the price. It's one of those things that I'll have to go back for ALONE. Yep, he's that tight bless his heart. I'll keep you posted. I'm all for anything that keeps me from shaving.!!!

Now that I know vacation is less than a week away I have tons of stuff to do to get ready for it so I better get off my big ol' booty and get to it. Keep your fingers crossed something doesn't happen to mess up our plans. The last time I was looking forward to going somewhere plans fell through.

I'm working on another post along with this one to tell you just how bad of a day yesterday was around here. It's hard to get through it though and makes me sad to relive it. Let's just say I found out that A1 "doesn't always love me".

Did I mention it was a bad day??