Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Coat of Clean

Don't know what got into me today but my house didn't stand a chance against me today. If there are any germs left in this house then we are all bound to croak over because it would have to be stronger than my bottle of Clorox Cleaner with Bleach. I scrubbed my kitchen and bathroom cabinets today like they have never been scrubbed before. I vacuumed up all the dust bunnies that I could feel plotting to take over my house and mopped up all the drops of Popsicle and milk that I've ignored for a week now. I didn't get to clean everything that I wanted to clean so tomorrow I'm going to dust all the furniture and wipe down all the baseboards. Once I've done that I'll be good for another month or so.

Last week was just so blah that I let everything go. I do mean everything. About the only thing that got cleaned last week were the toilets. I think I only managed to jump in the shower about three times and I'm pretty sure I'm being a little generous with that number. Do you think I shaved my legs during those three (or two) showers? Nope. I didn't feel like doing anything. My little pity party I was throwing myself was a real bitch and today I paid for it.

After sweating my ass off mopping all these floors, I couldn't put it off, I had to have a shower. Since I was in the cleaning mood I decided to throw caution to the wind finally shave my legs. I swear I must have shaved off a pound of hair. I was standing there and the muscles in my legs were starting to hurt, that's how freaking long it took me. I had to shave slow and go over each spot at least three times to make sure I got it all. How sad is that?! It's a good thing I decided to do it while standing up in the shower because if I were sitting down taking a bath I would have had to scrub my tub all over again, probably with a scouring pad. I'm pretty sure by the time I finished and let the water out, my tub would look like it was wearing a furry mink stole. TMI? Probably so. Sorry. But you know you've been there ladies with that nasty ass leg hair ring around your tub, so don't judge me!

Anyway, my house looks and smells better, my legs feel softer and look more like they belong to a girl and not Sasquatch, and the children have been wonderful today.

I'm still fat (that's another post) but life's good! It makes me happy to have a clean house!

I'm so easy to please, just don't ask my husband if he believes that.