Saturday, June 9, 2007

Packfest 2007

Like a normal person I should have packed up all of our stuff yesterday or even the day before and spent today gathering last minute things that I'm sure I will forget but I'm not normal...I'm lazy and will be packing everything today and leaving here to spend the night with my daddy this afternoon. Woot!! I love spending the night there!

I'm guessing by the time we get halfway to my daddy's house (he lives 2 hours away from me) that we will have remembered at least three things that I wanted to bring or needed to bring and they will be tucked away at my house. Oh well, as long as I have my rabbit to sleep with at night nobody will get hurt. Yep, I still sleep with a stuffed animal. My husband hates it and throws it off the bed every chance he gets and he even has A2 doing it but fooey on them I love my rabbit. He's seen better days and I could use another one but guess I'll have to wait til next Easter to get one.

You know what I really want? One of those Vermont Teddy Bears, this one to be exact but can you believe they are about $60. I've been watching him for at least three years hoping he'll go on sale but no such luck.

Looks pretty good for me to get to drive my own car. The other female was none too happy to be "let in" on the driving arrangements after the fact. Poor thing that's pretty much the story of her life. She should write a book and the title should be "After the Fact". Maybe I'll ghostwrite it for her, I know more about what's going on around her than she does. Shit, I should be packing instead of sitting on my butt gossiping about somebody else. This is the kind of stuff that gets me in trouble. I'm a major procrastinator but I function better under pressure.

I didn't work out last night, I didn't do much of anything yesterday at all. I am so immature that I was browsing around on the MTV website the other day and found the complete season of Real World Las Vegas on there. I never saw that one and always wanted to. That's the 2002 season with Trishelle - she's such an uberslut. So needless to say I'm up to episode 7 of 28. Luckily they are only about 20 minutes each but you better believe I'll watch every single one of them and then the new ones that I've missed already since they are doing a Reunited series with the same group of people right now. I seriously need to, like, grow up but, like, I just can't, like, make myself. Damn you, MTV!!!

Well, I just got the "GET OFF YOUR ASS" warning from the husband so I better go get ready. Our room has free Internet, woo hoo, so I'll post while I'm there.


Oh yeah, I'm planning on squeezing in a workout before I leave today. Pray for the people in Florida that I actually do it. Not that it will make a difference at this point!


Shina said...

Have a freakin' blast on vaca! Can't wait to see the pics! If you would while strolling down the beach scoff at some random skinny sexy heifer in a black and yellow two piece behind her back one time for me please! Love Yous!

mlb said...

I wish I knew you were at your Dad's bc we were at mama's, Dang it, we could have met for supper...Have fun in Florida...btw you look fine in your bathing suit..we would like twins if I sent you pics with my head cut off!!

R said...

Aww man, you should call me the next time you are coming in and I'll try to arrange it so we can get together. We'll be coming back through there on Thursday or Friday.

Hey didn't take me long to find one to scoff at! I made it extra nasty for the both of us. You crack me up by the way!!