Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Luck Be A Bargain Shopper

It's official, the baby is no longer sleeping in a baby bed. We made the switch and took the front panel off of his baby bed Saturday afternoon. It looks a little weird to me now but I'm getting use to it more and more. It was a little sad to have to put up the Winnie the Pooh bumper pad and mobile that had been hanging in there for well over two years now because we set the bed up a couple of months before he was even born. My baby is officially growing into a big boy.

Since his room is yellow and all decked out in Spongebob I HAD to have a Spongebob bedding set. Mothers will understand this, my husband, not so much. He had to be coaxed into the idea of spending Sunday afternoon shopping all over the place for a toddler bed set. He relented, because he loves me, or maybe because he didn't want to listen to me whine about it for hours on end. I'll take either one. Anyway, do you have any idea how freaking hard it is to find a Spongebob bedding set? I'll tell you. It's next to impossible. We searched and searched and I finally had him talked into buying two yards of Spongebob material so I could just make him a top sheet. How hard could that be, right?

Defeated, I told him we should at least check Kmart. We hardly ever go in there because they hardly ever have any good deals in there and frankly Wal-Mart trumps them on selection any day of the week. We go in and start looking and lo and behold there it is. Packaged neatly in a little roll, a four piece toddler bed set in none other than Spongebob himself. Woo-freaking-hoo!!

The rain on my parade though was that it was $35. Not that that is a horrible price (if you consider buying each piece individually) but hubby said we could get it under the conditions that I had to do some online shopping around first to see if that was indeed a good price or not. I agreed. We walk around looking at some other stuff and it's finally time to check out. I see the checker dude scan the bed set and then bag it. He scans something else but then goes back to the bed set. He scans it again, gets some goofy look on his face, shrugs his shoulders and then puts it back in the bag. Weird, right? Not so bad for me though in the end!

Well, we finish the transaction and I ask hubby to see the receipt and he said hang on he had to look first. He looks up and says, "Do you KNOW how much we paid for that bed set?". I'm thinking, "great, now I'll have to hear it from him how much we paid for something and blah blah blah". Well it turns out we got a spectacular deal on that little bed set. Wanna know how spectacular? We paid $2.09 for the whole thing. Yep, that is two dollars and nine cents.

Holy freaking cow! I was so excited I had to call my daddy and yell (yes, yell, not tell) it to him. I'm guessing it was a close out or something because that was the only one back there but I tell you one thing, for $2.09 I would have bought every one they had on the shelf.

I couldn't believe we had spent the past four or so hours scouring the mall and toy store and wal-mart and came up with nothing from all of them except for a $7.92 piece of material that I was going to have to sew into a sheet on my own. (Which I did yesterday and it was too cute!)

Now I'm on the hunt for a Spongebob body pillow to lay across his bed during the day and on the floor during the night. I saw an Elmo one at Kmart and it was adorable. It was long and red and plush and on one side was Elmo's eyes, nose and mouth. If I can't find a Spongebob one I'd settle for Elmo.

The other thing I found yesterday when I got out again was an Oscar the Grouch t-shirt that I had been searching for for months. I couldn't believe I hit two lucky buys in two days. I wanted a sweatshirt this past winter that was just green with Oscar's face on it but it was nowhere to be found. Since I've found the t-shirt now, I'm just hoping I find a sweatshirt for this winter. We aren't big Sesame Street nuts around here but A1 loved Elmo when he was little and A2 likes him a little so we have a some Elmo stuff, but anyway, I use to call my Daddy "Oscar" [the Grouch] whenever he would get cranky and it's more or less a little inside joke for us. I sent him a picture of A2 in his new shirt but I can't wait for him to see it in person. I'll show it to you since you've seen him already anyway.

I'm happy to report I (obviously) found my camera the other day so I can now post pictures from vacation that I wanted to share. I wanted to do it in a cool little layout way but since I can't figure out how to do it and make it look right I'm just going to put them all at the bottom of this post. One is the condo we stayed at, one is the bed I loved (or maybe it was the down comforter that I really loved that was on it) and one is of A2's "new" bed.

Oh, and that rabbit you see there on the's mine and I have to sleep with him every night. It bugs the piss out of my husband! Every chance he gets he throws him in the floor. He now has A2 doing it. A1 got me that rabbit one year for Easter and every since then I have a hard time sleeping without him. Is there a name for that?