Friday, June 8, 2007

Three Days Til.....VACATION!

Yay it's Friday and vacation is still on! I have to be honest and tell you that I was more than a little skeptical about whether or not we would actually get to go. I just knew that every time the phone rang it was going to be one of them calling to say it's off but come hell or high water this Monday at least one thing's for and my guys are Florida bound!

A1 packed up all his clothes yesterday and in order to have all of his "cool clothes" clean he has insisted on wearing the same shorts and shirt for the past four days. Ewww on him. I told him I'd wash anything he wanted to wear before we left but he wouldn't have it. And by the way, he and I haven't had any more flare ups since Monday. He actually came into my room this morning and crawled into bed with me and A2 and we all watched a little TV and then fell back asleep because it was pitch black outside and storming like nobody's business. I loved having both my boys sleeping sweetly on either side of me. That's my idea of peace.

I haven't packed the first thing yet for me or the hubby or A2. A2 shouldn't be that hard to do, as long as he has his swimmies he will be fine. That child has taken to water like a little duck. When we go in the pool here we put his BodyGlove suit on him that has the built in front and back panel flotation device in it and then we put those blow up arm floaties on him and the combination keeps his head above water and he can swim from one side to the other with no problem. His new thing in the pool is that he likes to suck in some water and then spit it out towards you. He's a little mean like that!

I tried out my new bathing suit yesterday to see if all my girly parts were going to stay put once it got wet and lo and behold it did so I'm happy about that. Guess what else I did yesterday? I put it on and made hubby take pictures of me in it from the neck down all the way around. I'm considering posting them here to help keep my lazy ass motivated on this work out thing. I'm pretty sure you're tired of hearing about my "weight issues" but seriously, I've got some pretty major ones that I'm struggling with. I figured if I posted them now and then kept posting them each week or two then I would stick to my workout routine and stop eating those damn powdered doughnuts that my sinister family continues to bring home from Sam's! I'll be sure to post a disclaimer before you see them so that your eyeballs are seared out of your head from the horrible sight.

Oh, my brother in law has decided that he wants us to take their two cars to Florida. He wants the guys to all ride in the cushy big car and for me and his lady to ride in his car. He has a pretty nice car and all (it's a Honda I think) but the kicker is that it's a stick shift. He asked my husband yesterday if I could drive one and my husband said yes! **cough, idiot, cough** I haven't driven a stick shift for over 14+ years and when I did it then I did it badly. Of course the husband jumped all over us taking their vehicles to save the wear and tear on mine and he said the gas bill would be so much cheaper. So I ask you this.....what's more important, me driving a car that I'm comfortable in and KNOW HOW TO DRIVE or saving some scratch and me driving a car that I'll probably kill a bazillion times on the Interstate or somewhere else equally deadly?

Guess who's going to be pitching a bitch to drive her own car come Sunday Plus my car is a small SUV...HELLO more space to be comfortable in or just to store all the luggage so that I'm not sitting on my makeup bag for half the trip down there. I'm sure I'll either win the argument because I'm pretty good at bitching and I have extra bitch power since Aunt friggin' Flo will still be hanging around by then or we will end up taking that car but she will have to drive the entire time. I don't have a real problem with that but she's a night worker and is prone to dozing off on a regular basis. Oh well, no since fretting over it.

Just so you know I have been working out this week. I worked out Tuesday night during that horrible movie, Wednesday night and again last night. I'm pretty darn sore today because I pushed myself to run hard last night on the treadmill. I was going to run for 30 minutes but at about the 19 minute mark somehow I managed to snag my iPod headphones and the next thing I knew my iPod was on the floor behind the treadmill and the earbuds were dangling between my legs. I kept going for another minute but had to stop, my lungs felt like they were going to collapse and my legs were burning. I'll run again today but only for 20 minutes. I'm trying to alternate the two each day along with a different workout for the Blowflex I made up into a checklist and put on a clipboard.

I hear the dryer buzzing my name and the kids need food so I'm off to the land of productivity. No iPod right now - it's charging so I guess I'll just have to hum It's Raining Men loudly to myself to get through the day. It seems to fit since it's still raining here.


mlb said...

Hey!! Just walked in the door from FLORIDA!!!We had a great time...the weather was wonderful, hope ya'll have fun and have a safe trip....Don't worry about any fat showing cause #1 nobody there is going to know you or ever see you again, #2 there was some BIG women in bikinis down there and I know you are not as big as them...Have fun!!!!

R said...

hey girl, I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how your trip was. I can't wait to get there myself. Thanks for the pep talk. I'll need it when I get there for sure. Glad you guys had fun and made it home safe. Call me when you get a chance. Isn't your birthday coming up soon? Email it to me.