Friday, June 8, 2007

Warning: May Cause Extreme Nausea

So here goes, be gone dignity and modesty. I'm tired of hiding my lumps and bumps behind baggy shirts and wallowing in self pity because I can't fit into the huge wardrobe of clothes I have amassed. I'm serious, I have a lot of clothes. I'm pretty sure the statute of limitations has run out on being able to call this "baby weight" any longer. A2 will be 2 (can you believe it??!!) in July so I technically milked that excuse for about a year longer than I really should have. I now refer to it as my "doughnut loving, Dr. Pepper guzzling, sitting around on my ass weight". That seems to fit the bill quite nicely.

Seriously, I've got to get this weight off of me........NOW! Not only will I feel better about myself but I'll have more to talk about other than whining about being/feeling/looking fat. Keep in mind I'm NOT looking to be Paris Hilton or Nichole Richie thin. I have a realistic goal of wanting to lose at least 30 pounds, have more energy and button my jeans up without cutting off my oxygen supply. I've decided to bite the bullet and post the pictures I had my huband take of me on Thursday, June 7, 2007. I can't believe I'm doing this but I'm at the point where I don't really know what else will get me and keep me motivated. I can't/won't starve myself because I love to eat and that's just dumb. I know it's going to take eating better, sticking to my workout routines and *gasp* cutting down or even cutting out my Dr. Pepper consumption.

By the way, this is the bathing suit I'm going to wear to Florida and I plan on enjoying my time there and not giving two shits what anybody thinks about how I look in it. Plus that band folds up and will hit below the belly button to help conceal some of that - I just folded it down for the pictures.

Here's the front view - obviously you can see my problem areas. If not let me clear it up for you, ALL OF IT!!

You can clearly see that my gut sticks out farther than my ass, although what my ass lacks in curvitude it more than makes up for it in spreaditude.

This one kills me. See that back fat there on both sides? That's what keeps slapping me in the back of the head when I run on the treadmill. I can seriously feel that shit bouncing up and down when I run. It's creepy!

P.S. Could I be any more bowlegged??!!

So go ahead, point and laugh I don't care. For the record, I don't hate my body, I just hate the fact that I have the ability to change it if I really wanted to but I'm just too damn lazy and I am powerless over a cold Dr. Pepper.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that by being this bold and letting the Internet see me in all my "glory" I have nothing left to lose but the weight.


Shina said...


First of all either mine or your timing sucks because just as I loaded your blog to have a read I was biting into my double cheeseburger from Wendy's!!! Yes I was literally scrolling with one hand and eating with the other. MudderFLUCKer! I dropped the burger immediately but only for a second cause I finished eating it by the time I got to the end of your entry. So hmmm yeah.

I think you look beautiful but at the same time I know you and to you you don't and that's what matters. So I'll just say I'm sorry you feel fat instead of like the hot sexy mama you are chica. Oh and btw nice suit.

PS Because I love you and I live to serve I'll offer you this little nugget. If you don't put down the soda and powdered doughnuts (my fav) you will end up in my size jeans! So get to steppin' (on the treadmill) Missy!

PSS To keep you motivated and because I love you and I live to serve I'll send you a picture of me naked to put on your fridge. Kiss kiss watch your inbox!

A Fan said...

Girl you are not fat. From the way you blog I was expecting to see a whale! You are thin and may I say sex-ay. Strut down that beach with your head held high.

R said...

Shina - you know i love you!

a fan - Bless you!!